Toulouse (FR): Da Mental Vaporz Opening

French graffiti artist Dran has returned to his hometown of Toulouse to hold an exhibition with his DMV crew, Da Mental Vaporz. There were many occasions to celebrate. All nine crew members gathered for the first time in ten years: Dran, Bom.K, Sowat, Brusk, Lime, Kan, Iso, Blo and Jaw joined in from Berlin, Toulouse, Paris and Lyon. For the last show of the popular GHP gallery, the entire street was blocked to welcome over 2500 persons to the opening.

Da Mental Vaporz Show - Toulouse

Da Mental Vaporz Show - Toulouse     Da Mental Vaporz Show - Toulouse

The exhibition features in-situ installations, a selection of solo and group canvases, sketches as well as exclusive prints.

A giant pencil has scribbled all over the outside walls and pierces the roof, while an octopus arm coming out of the gutter sprayed DMV in the gallery window. A car from a 70 years old resident also got a DMV makeover much to his delight.

Da Mental Vaporz Show GHP Toulouse    Da Mental Vaporz - GHP Toulouse Da Mental Vaporz Show GHP Toulouse

Da Mental Vaporz Show GHP Toulouse

The central piece of the show is an installation showing a train with nine carriages by each of the artists.

Da Mental Vaporz show - GHP Toulouse

Combining their individual and distinctive style, featured group paintings are nothing but spectacular:

Da Mental Vaporz Show GHP Toulouse Da Mental Vaporz Show GHP Toulouse Da Mental Vaporz Show GHP Toulouse

Having a closer look, we can see some politically engaged pieces, like “The Virus” by Dran, an official presidential portrait underneath an embroided curtain with N.S. initials.

Da Mental Vaporz Show GHP Toulouse Da Mental Vaporz Show GHP Toulouse

Live DJ entertained the crowd until midnight and the party turned into a festival atmosphere.

Da Mental Vaporz

Further pics from the event HERE

The show is due to evolve with future events planned until the end of the exhibition on 31 July 2011.

Da Mental Vaporz Show
Espace GHP
11 Descente de la Halle aux Poissons
31000 Toulouse, France


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