London: Banksy | War Boutique at Andipa Gallery

Andipa Gallery  is hosting a Banksy / War Boutique exhibition , presenting a collection of original  works by two mavericks of urban art – one just emerging onto the international stage, choosing to put on his first commercial exhibition at Andipa, and one already recognised as amongst the biggest names in contemporary art today.

Banksy | War Boutique  Banksy | War Boutique   Banksy | War Boutique  Banksy | War Boutique

The show includes an unparalleled collection of sought after original paintings by Banksy, from the collection of Andipa Gallery, in the ground floor gallery.

Banksy | War Boutique 
Banksy | War Boutique 
Banksy | War Boutique

New works by War Boutique are on show in the lower ground floor gallery.
Using textiles, bullet proof ceramics, shells and bomb blankets as the conduit to express his ideas, the artist known as War Boutique “symbolically transforms instruments of war and destruction into constructive items embodying creativity, peace and critical social commentary.” Society for Contemporary Craft.

Banksy | War Boutique

Further pics from the opening here

The show opens on the 09th June and runs until the 09th July 2011


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