St Etienne (FR): Les Potos Carres Festival

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Potos Carres Festival

Les Potos Carres is a festival celebrating hip hop through graffiti, music, dance and cinema.

For the seventh year running, many international graffiti artists have been invited to participate: Soten, Ogre, Monster, Aroe, Izzy, Kash, Soer, Stapher, Inti, Tchad, Peack, Gris1, Brusk, Apple, Malakkai, Trezte, Belin, Tonce, Reso and more.

Here are some pics of the work in progress:Potos Carres Festival Potos Carres Festival    Potos Carres FestivalPotos Carres Festival  Potos Carres Festival  Potos Carres FestivalPotos Carres Festival      Potos Carres Festival     Potos Carres Festival Potos Carres Festival
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The finished mural:

Pic by Malakkai

BRUSK & GRIS1 at POTOS CARRÉS jam / St Etienne
Pic by Gris1