France: Caia Koopman – Lost Souls and Sacred Hearts

Caia Koopman 10

California based artist Caia Koopman  is currently exhibited through a series of solo shows across France with the SpaceJunk Galleries.

Using vibrant colours on wood and canvas, Lost Souls and Sacred Hearts present etheral feminine characters combining elegance with vulnerability.

With a fine detail for beauty, Caia Koopman transports us into her mystical and magical world.

Caia Koopman 14 Caia Koopman 18  Caia Koopman 07  Caia Koopman 19 Caia Koopman 09  Caia Koopman 02

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Caia Koopman – Lost Souls and Sacred Hearts
Spacejunk Galleries until 28 Jan 2012
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