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Studio Visit: Gris1 in Lyon (FR)

Gris1 - Studio Visit

An  abundance of vibrant colours surround the studio of French graffiti artist Gris1, from his schooldesk, post-it notes, sketchbooks, drawings and paintings. Gris1 is also an expert in model trains, where he adds his unique writing touch.
The title of one of his latest paintings sums it well: “Colors make me smile”.

Gris1 - Studio Visit     Gris1 - Studio Visit Gris1 - Studio Visit Gris1 - Studio Visit     Gris1 - Studio Visit    Gris1 - Studio Visit Gris1 - Studio Visit    Gris1 - Studio VisitGris1 - Studio Visit

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France: Caia Koopman – Lost Souls and Sacred Hearts

Caia Koopman 10

California based artist Caia Koopman  is currently exhibited through a series of solo shows across France with the SpaceJunk Galleries.

Using vibrant colours on wood and canvas, Lost Souls and Sacred Hearts present etheral feminine characters combining elegance with vulnerability.

With a fine detail for beauty, Caia Koopman transports us into her mystical and magical world.

Caia Koopman 14 Caia Koopman 18  Caia Koopman 07  Caia Koopman 19 Caia Koopman 09  Caia Koopman 02

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Caia Koopman – Lost Souls and Sacred Hearts
Spacejunk Galleries until 28 Jan 2012
Exhibition dates and places

Lyon (FR): Venus II Exhibition

Venus II -Spacejunk

The Venus II art exhibition in Lyon aims to raise awareness about breast cancer.
The show is two folds.

The first part gathers a new generation of artists from contemporary art, Low Brow, graffiti or tattoo at Spacejunk gallery: Vinz, Goin, Lime, K’nar, Brusk, Herve All, Sophie Haza, Joachim Albert, Olivier Mosset, Florent Espana, Blandine Dubos, Bullit Ballabeni, Damien Nicolau, Rodolphe Bessey.

Each of them has created a work using the same support, a resin bust of the Venus de Milo.

Venus II - Spacejunk  Venus II - Spacejunk  Venus II - Spacejunk  Venus II - Spacejunk     Venus II - SpacejunkVenus II -Spacejunk

The other part is showcased in nine locations throughout the Lyon area. 80 artists and seven associative structures worked on plaster busts with the involvement of 140 local women.
On Tuesday 29 November all the artworks will be on view at the City Hall of Villeurbanne. The day will conclude with a charity auction with all proceeds going to Europa Donna, the European Breast Cancer Coalition.

More info on Spacejunk

Lyon (FR): DMV Chez les Morues

DMV Chez les Morues

As part of the artistic event organised by Arts Pentes (regrouping craftsmen, artists and creators of the Croix-Rousse in Lyon), ubercool vintage shop and cafe Chez Les Morues  invited the Da Mental Vaporz crew for a live performance with Brusk (Lyon), Gris1 (Lyon), Sowat (Paris) and Jaw (Marseille).

In parallel an exhibition featuring works from the entire DMV crew with Bomk, Blo, Brusk, Dran, Kan, Iso, Gris, Jaw, Sowat is held from September 30 to October 22, 2011.

DMV Chez les Morues DMV Chez les Morues DMV Chez les Morues  DMV Chez les Morues DMV Chez les Morues   DMV Chez les Morues  DMV Chez les MoruesDMV Chez les Morues

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DMV Chez les Morues
4 rue Romarin
69001 Lyon