London: Wild Life at Stolenspace

Stolenspace - Wildlife

The Winter Group Show at Stolenspace is about the wild life of Wildlife, or the artists interpretation through paintings, sculpture and taxidermy installations of how mother nature is reclaiming our temporary oasis and adapting to the obstacles that we’ve put in its way.

Participating artists: Josie Morway, Rose Sanderson, Jennifer Murphy, Kelly Allen, D*Face, Dan Witz, Jake Wood Evans, Roxanne Jackson, Kelly McCallum, Jessica Joslin, Kai & Sunny, Katja Holtz, Renhui Zhao.

Stolenspace - Wildlife  Stolenspace - Wildlife  Stolenspace - Wildlife        Stolenspace - Wildlife     Stolenspace - Wildlife

Stolenspace - Wildlife
Stolenspace - Wildlife    Stolenspace - Wildlife     Stolenspace - Wildlife     Stolenspace - Wildlife

Further pics of the opening HERE

‘Wild Life’
Winter Group Show
02.12.11 – 18.12.11