Studio Visit / Streets with Tilt


I was fortunate to visit French graffiti artist TILT in his studio in Toulouse as he prepared for multiple shows in London at POW, Singapore and Manila, and to follow him across the streets. When not painting graffiti on naked “bubble girls” across the world, the self declared “graffiti fetichist” leverages his fun and colourful bubble letters to represent iconic portraits, shoes and flags.


The studio is full of customised items from Tilt spray cans, Swatch watch, photos of Bubble Girls, stilettos and even engraved dildos… Looking closely at the canvases,  letters form secret sentences to the amusement of the viewer. The US flag for example is made of the words “Sex and Violence”.

Tilt     TiltTilt     TiltTilt

Following Tilt in the streets while he put his trademark throw up, and again in London for a massive Union Jack mural consisting of the lyrics from the Sex Pistols “Anarchy in the UK”.
Tilt   TiltTilt  Tilt  TiltTilt

More photos by Butterfly here.

Here is a great video from the London mural directed by Big Addict


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