Bristol: Unnatural Natural History at the Royal West of England Academy

Unnatural - Natural History Show

Curated by Coates and Scarrythe  exhibition entitled Unnatural-Natural History recently launched at the Royal West of England Academy with many of the participating artists present at the opening. Featuring paintings, photography, drawings, sculptures and installations, 38 local and international artists are currently displaying their artistic interpretation of an alternative world. Following genetic mutations and environmental pressure, natural objects have been metamorphosed into unexpected forms in a place no longer ruled by humans.

At the entrance, guests are greeted by feathered installations by Kate McGuire. The viewer’s mind is then immediately transported into a different world,  between captivating digital surrealist portraits by Natalie Shau, mutated animal paintings by Corine Perier,  animated birds by Troy Abbott, or spherical taxidermy cows heads by Geza Szollosi. Graffiti and street artists ROA, Case, Xenz and Pure Evil added their own take on nature creating installations, paintings and neon sign artworks.

Unnatural - Natural History Show    Unnatural - Natural History Show   Unnatural - Natural History Show  Unnatural - Natural History Show       Unnatural - Natural History Show Unnatural - Natural History Show

Portraits by Christian Rex Van Minnen are intringly beautiful and disturbing at the same time, while volcanic landscapes paintings by Fulvio di Piazza form spectacular animals, or the other way around.

Challenging the perception of what is considered as natural this exhibition certainly stimulates the mind and opens discussion.

Unnatural - Natural History Show   Unnatural - Natural History Show      Unnatural - Natural History Show Unnatural - Natural History Show     Unnatural - Natural History ShowUnnatural - Natural History Show 

Full set of pics from the opening here.

Full list of participating artists include Angela Singer, Geza Szollosi, Kate McGwire, Nick Bright, Meryl Donahue, Natalie Shau, Patrick Haines, Karen Akester, Beth Carter, Jessica Joslin, Troy Abbott, Chantal Powell, Dean Melbourne, Susie MacMurray, Christopher Russel, Angela Lizon, Rose Sanderson, Pitch Tangpun, Nicole Etienne, Erik Mark Sandberg, Marco Mazzoni, Deedee Cheriel, Heiko Muller, Corine Perier, Luis Sanchez, Christian rex Van Minnen, Scott G. Brooks, Fulvio di Piazza, Laura Ball, Lyndsey Carr, Xenz, Rupert Bathurst, Ryan McLennan, ROA, CASE and Pure Evil.

Unnatural - Natural History Show

Unnatural – Natural History

14 July -23 September 2012
Royal West of England Academy
Queen’s Road, Clifton, Bristol BS8 1PX