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Bristol: Banksy new mural for Valentines

A new mural popped up in Banksy’s hometown yesterday baring all the hallmarks of the elusive artist. Located in Barton hill, precisely where he started painting graffiti in his early days, the new artwork depicts a little girl holding a slingshot toward the sky with an explosion of red roses and poppies.

It’s a clear nod to his iconic artwork Girl with Balloon, but the heart balloon is smashed in pieces of roses and poppies. The girl is in the rebellious pose, reminiscent of his Flower Thrower image.

Barton Hill Girl – Detail
Flower Thrower image courtesy Stephen C.
Barton Hill mural – Detail

It is the second attempt to destruct this image. We think about ‘Love is in the bin’ performance in 2018 where the artist self destructed his artwork live during Sotheby’s auction.

Timing is also essential, as it coincides both with the recent auction sale of Vote for Love for 1,15 million pounds (here) at Sothebys , and Valentines day.

Banksy - Vote to Love

So is there no hope now for Love?


The Other Art Fair Bristol Highlight: Hisham Echafaki

London based multidisciplinary artist Hisham Echafaki is presenting his new solo exhibition at the Saatchi TOAF (The Other Art Fair) in Bristol.  His body of works focuses on the complex and ever changing relationship between humans and the animal world, exploring themes of anthropomorphism, endangered species and the delicate balance between mankind and nature.

His source of inspiration includes vintage scientific illustrations, taxidermy, cabinet of curiosities, patterns in art as well as animal fables. One of the paintings is directly inspired by The Dove and the Crow Fable by Greek author Aesop ‘To enjoy our blessings we must have freedom’.

HE 01

‘Family portrait’ depicts a moving scene in an abandoned house where nature takes back its course and a doe and her baby pay tribute to a deer trophy head.

His three dimensional paintings are intriguing and fascinating, and visitors are often wondering how these fauna and flora have been created. The 3D and trompe l’oeil effect is achieved by meticulously painting on multiple layers of resin.


Hisham Echafaki
The Other Art Fair Bristol
1-3 September 2017
16 Narrow Quay , Bristol

Streets: Banksy at Bridge Farm Primary School (Bristol)

Banksy Square (Large)

Banksy is back to his hometown in Bristol with a new piece that appeared overnight  on the wall of Bridge Farm Primary School.

The work was done as a thank you gift to the children that named one of the houses after him. A few weeks ago, the school ran a competition to change house names and the school officials wrote to Banksy’s team to let him know about it.

The doodle-style mural depicts a kid rolling a burning tire next to a house and flower, like a tongue in cheek  comment on the current society and riots.

The work was accompanied by a hand written letter by Banksy which reads :

“Dear Bridge Farm School, thanks for your letter and naming a house after me.
Please have a picture, and if you don’t like it, feel free to add stuff. I’m sure the teachers won’t mind. Remember, it’s always easier to get forgiveness than permission.  Much love, Banksy.”

Banksy Letter (Large)Banksy Whole (Large)Banksy Signature (1)            Banksy Flower (1)Banksy Tyre (Large)Banksy Oblique (Large)

Photo credit: Feralthings

Studio Visit: Nick Walker

Nick Walker - Studio Visit 2015
Ahead of his upcoming solo show ‘Entrophy’ at Above Second Gallery in Hong Kong, we popped by the studio of Bristol artist Nick Walker.

For this new show, Nick Walker has been exploring new ideas and broadening the scope of his signature Gentleman Vandal series to more abstract imagery and new techniques playing with metal and sculpture.

Nick Walker - Studio Visit 2015Nick Walker - Studio Visit 2015

“A new element I am exploring with this show is ‘Numbers’ which I call the Smoke series. Originally I was inspired by Jasper Johns some time back and began to implement numbers into my paintings as background or fragmented, but now I am focusing solely on the numbers themselves.”

Nick Walker - Studio Visit 2015      Nick Walker - Studio Visit 2015Nick Walker - Studio Visit 2015      Nick Walker - Studio Visit 2015Nick Walker - Studio Visit 2015  Nick Walker - Studio Visit 2015   Nick Walker - Studio Visit 2015Nick Walker - Studio Visit 2015Nick Walker - Studio Visit 2015

Having visited Hong Kong in December to gather inspiration and collect photos some new pieces featuring the Hong Kong busy urban landscape, Nick Walker mentions “It [has] an abundance of old signage and history, and also a very gritty edge which is something I love to portray in my street scenes.”

Nick Walker - Studio Visit 2015Nick Walker - Studio Visit 2015Nick Walker - Studio Visit 2015
Nick Walker - Studio Visit 2015     Nick Walker - Studio Visit 2015Nick Walker - Studio Visit 2015     Nick Walker - Studio Visit 2015

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Bristol: Banksy Mobile Lovers

Banksy - Mobile Lovers

When Banksy recently updated his website with new pictures featuring a stencilled couple holding mobile phones, it generated a complete frenzy.

Banksy - Mobile Lovers
Banksy website

It was located and identified in Bristol on a wooden door outside a youth club.

Within 24 hours the door was removed by Dennis Stinchcombe, the Broad Plain Boys’ Club manager, who decided to charge viewers before trying to sell it at auction in order to support his ailing club.
However the building of the youth club is council owned. So the Bristol Council then started to intervene and confiscated the artwork. The Mayor of Bristol has asked the piece to be to moved to the Bristol Museum while a battle of ownership continues.

Banksy - Mobile Lovers

Banksy Mobile Lovers is currently on display at the Bristol Museum until further notice…

Banksy - Mobile Lovers

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