London: Conor Harrington @ the Outsiders

Conor Harrington

Conor Harrington is returning to London for another exhibition  titled A Whole Lot of Trouble for a Little Bit of Win, this time at The Outsiders The show features 20 studies and works on paper leading up to the Morning Glory painting he did  for his 2012  exhibition called  Dead Meat. The UK-based artist calls these his Morning Glories as he paints them daily, first thing upon arrival at his east London studio to catalyse the creative process. 

Using oils and spray paint on canvas, Conor Harrington depicts ethereal multi-ethnic portraits, with a reference to the duality between East and West and the rise of new superpowers, like China.

Conor Harrington Conor Harrington Conor Harrington  Conor Harrington   Conor Harrington Conor Harrington

View the full set of pics here

Conor Harrington
A Whole Lot of trouble for a little bit of fun
The Outsiders – London
Until 9 March 2013