London: Dan Witz – Prisoners 2012- 2013

Dan Witz

New York-based artist Dan Witz, who has been a pillar of street art over the past 30 years, just opened a brand new exhibition, Prisoners 2012-13 at Lazarides in London. Witz’ debut at Lazarides features his paintings from his  signature Mosh Pit series, where  figures intertwine and climb over one another with  different stages of expressions during a mosh pit, from the pressure, pain and joy.

Dan Witz     Dan WitzDan Witz

For the adjacent Prisoners series, Witz partnered with Amnesty International – the world’s largest human rights organization.  As a symbolic reference to their real-life struggles, each of these imprisoned individuals is portrayed with few clothes, masked or with their hands tied.

Dan Witz    Dan WitzDan Witz Dan Witz  Dan WitzDan Witz

Witz has also been dispersing his unique realistic stamp on the streets of London by painting one of his prisoners’ image onto phone boxes.

Dan Witz    Dan Witz

Full set of pics here

Dan Witz
Prisoners 2012-2013
25th January 2013 – 23rd February 2013
Lazarides Rathbone
London, England


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