Paris – Maripol tribute to Keith Haring

Maripol - Keith Haring

Paris is celebrating American artist Keith Haring with 3 simultaneous retrospective exhibitions at the Museum of Modern Art, the “104” and Colette .

Moving to NY in the 80’s, French artist and fashion designer Maripol, became a close friend of Keith and Madonna, and a regular feature of the Factory with Andy Warhol. For the Keith Haring – Fashion exhibition at Colette, Maripol shares photographs, videos and fashion accessories.

Maripol - Keith Haring Maripol - Keith Haring Maripol - Keith Haring      Maripol - Keith HaringMaripol - Keith Haring      Maripol - Keith Haring

Link to pics of the opening here

In parallel French/German TV channel Arte is broadcasting a special web documentary directed by Maripol  “Keith Haring – the Message” .