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Paris – Maripol tribute to Keith Haring

Maripol - Keith Haring

Paris is celebrating American artist Keith Haring with 3 simultaneous retrospective exhibitions at the Museum of Modern Art, the “104” and Colette .

Moving to NY in the 80’s, French artist and fashion designer Maripol, became a close friend of Keith and Madonna, and a regular feature of the Factory with Andy Warhol. For the Keith Haring – Fashion exhibition at Colette, Maripol shares photographs, videos and fashion accessories.

Maripol - Keith Haring Maripol - Keith Haring Maripol - Keith Haring      Maripol - Keith HaringMaripol - Keith Haring      Maripol - Keith Haring

Link to pics of the opening here

In parallel French/German TV channel Arte is broadcasting a special web documentary directed by Maripol  “Keith Haring – the Message” .


Paris: José & Rey Parlá – “U.T.O.P.I.A.” @ colette

Jose & Rey Parla - UTOPIA colette

Parisian house colette in France just opened the eagerly awaited new exhibition titled U.T.O.P.I.A. featuring new collaborative works from the Parlá Brothers. The Brooklyn-based siblings placed a series of paintings on the walls featuring a melding of José’s urban calligraphy and Rey’s playful arrangement of colors and lines as evidence of their artistic dialogue. The show runs until 22nd, but check out our opening photos if you can’t make the show in person.

Jose & Rey Parla - UTOPIA colette      Jose & Rey Parla - UTOPIA coletteJose & Rey Parla - UTOPIA colette
Jose & Rey Parla - UTOPIA colette Jose & Rey Parla - UTOPIA colette      Jose & Rey Parla - UTOPIA colette

View the full set of pics from the opening here

3-22 September 2012
213 Rue Saint-Honore 75001 PARIS