London: Jake and Dinos Chapman – Come and See

Jake & Dinos Chapman

Jake and Dinos Chapman are currently exhibiting at the Serpentine Gallery. Come and See demonstrate the range of the artists’ output – from painting, drawing, printmaking and sculpture, to film, music and literature – approaching controversial subjects with provocation and dark humour.

A dozen of shop window mannequins dressed as Klu Klux Klansmen in rainbow socks with birkenstocks are stationed throughout the exhibition with different state of expression looking at the art and visitors. One of the rooms in the centre of the gallery is filled with cardboard dinosaurs and models of their earlier works and exhibitions, complete with little painted card spectators.

Jake & Dinos Chapman     Jake & Dinos ChapmanJake & Dinos Chapman Jake & Dinos Chapman Jake & Dinos Chapman     Jake & Dinos Chapman Jake & Dinos Chapman

The vision of Hell of the Chapman brothers has been expanded with monumental landscapes in scale. Extremely detailled, these apocalyptic landscapes depict surreal scenes of excessive brutality, blending miniature figures of Nazi soldiers and concentration camps with corporate insignia of McDonald’s characters.

Jake & Dinos Chapman Jake & Dinos Chapman     Jake & Dinos Chapman Jake & Dinos Chapman

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Come and See
Until 9 February 2014
Serpentine Sackler Gallery
Kensington Gardens
London W2 2AR


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