Bristol: Jessica Albarn – Resurrection

Jessica Albarn - Resurrection

Located behind a small door in the old town wall where the See No Evil street art festival takes place (covered here) , the Crypt of St John the Baptist is hosting an exhibition by UK artist Jessica Albarn  with a series of works on canvas, paper, glass, wax and clay. Through her delicate and intricate drawings, she is paying tribute and celebrating the small and the endangered species, like the bees that are under threat of extinction.

When asked about the show and inspiration, Jessica Albarn indicates: When I draw dead things I do so because I want to draw out the beauty, preserving it and disconnect it from the decay, treasure it and in some sense resurrect it. For the exhibition in the crypt I wanted to create work that I hope embraced the space and connected with the ancient symbolism within it. 

Jessica Albarn - Resurrection
Jessica Albarn - Resurrection  Jessica Albarn - Resurrection   Jessica Albarn - ResurrectionJessica Albarn - ResurrectionJessica Albarn - Resurrection     Jessica Albarn - ResurrectionJessica Albarn - Resurrection

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Jessica Albarn – Resurrection
Until 27 April 2014
Crypt of St. John the Baptist Church, Bristol

The exhibition continues on 13 June at  The Lawrence Alkin Gallery, London , followed by a drawing performance in the garden of The Natural History Museum on 14-15 June 2014


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