London: Mobstr – Sex, Drugs & Painting Canvases

Mobstr - London

UK-based artist Mobstr recently launched his solo exhibition Sex, Drugs & Painting Canvases at The Old Truman Brewery in London.

Following his street works,  Mobstr has gathered a collection of thoughts using black and white canvases with witty text messages, flyers to support a ‘Save the trees’ campaign, and a series of installations  from dummy spray painters to the recreation of the artist at work surrounded by a sea of draft messages. 

Mobstr - London     Mobstr - LondonMobstr - LondonMobstr - London      Mobstr - London Mobstr - London      Mobstr - LondonMobstr - London   Mobstr - London   Mobstr - London Mobstr - London

View the full set of pics here

Mobstr – Sex, Drugs & Painting Canvases
Until 20 May 2014
Dray Walk, Old Truman Brewery, London