London: Richard Jackson – New Paintings @ Hauser Wirth

Richard Jackson

Los Angeles-based artist Richard Jackson just opened an exhibition at Hauser & Wirth in London. Inspired by abstract expressionism and action painting, Jackson has created dynamic sculptures around which paint is thrown or shot out loosely. An installation features a row of sculptures of men bending over forwards with their trousers at their ankles, aiming their rears at the wall. Upon activation of Jackson’s device, paint squirted out of each of their rear ends, staining the wall.

Another installation, “Shower Room” (2013), show smeared paint inside a shower room, with an uncanny resemblance to blood, reminding of a reconstitution of the shower scene from Alfred Hitchcock’s “Psycho.”

Richard Jackson      Richard JacksonRichard Jackson
Richard Jackson      Richard JacksonRichard Jackson   Richard Jackson   Richard Jackson
Richard Jackson


View the full set of pics here

Richard Jackson: New Paintings
Hauser & Wirth
Savile Row, London
Until July 26