London: Juliette Losq – Nemora @ FAS

Juliette Hosq - Nemora

The British artist Juliette Losq just opened her solo show Nemora at Fine Art Society in London. Inspired by English ‘Gothic’ of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, Losq depicts liminal landscapes by juxtaposing rococo prints, Victorian newspaper illustrations,  sci- fi and horror films, as well as detritus. Working over the surface repetitively, multiple painted layers simultaneously obscure and reveal those beneath.  In parallel to her mixed media paintings,  Juliette Hosq has created three site specific installation works including a piece that revisits the gallery’s historic ground floor fireplace. Another work will features a 3m high wave of painted paper tumble from an antique grandfather clock.

Juliette Hosq - Nemora     Juliette Hosq - Nemora  Juliette Hosq - NemoraJuliette Hosq - Nemora     Juliette Hosq - Nemora Juliette Hosq - Nemora

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Juliette Losq- Nemora
Until 2 October