London: Damien Hirst – Love @ Paul Stolper

Damien Hirst - Love Exhibition

Damien Hirst is currently having a pop-up exhibition titled ‘Love‘ featuring a series of prints and sculptural editions at Paul Stolper gallery.

Focussing on the theme of love, the exhibition includes ‘LOVE Gold’, a portfolio of love heart prints each foil blocked with a single butterfly in gold leaf, as well as two love heart pill sculptures ‘♡YU4EVA’, and ‘Love Struck’, a heart pierced by a crossbow bolt suspended in a sweet jar.

Damien Hirst - Love Exhibition Damien Hirst - Love Exhibition                   Damien Hirst - Love ExhibitionDamien Hirst - Love ExhibitionDamien Hirst - Love Exhibition     Damien Hirst - Love Exhibition

View the full set of pics here

Damien Hirst – Love
Until 21 February
Paul Stolper
31 Museum Street