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Streets: ESPO – Love Letters Brooklyn to be demolished

Espo Love Letter to Brooklyn

Back in 2011, we were in Brooklyn as street artist Steve Powers ESPO was painting his monumental ‘LOVE LETTERS BROOKLYN’ (covered here) on the facade of the Macy’s parking garage.

As an ode to the borough of Brooklyn and its 99cents stores below, ESPO adorned the building with black and white sentences like ‘Euphoria is you for Me’, ‘Turn to Me, I see Eternity’,

Macy’s restructuring plan to close 36 stores in the United States this year is also affecting one of the most treasured mural in the local community. In a recent Instagram post, Powers confirmed the closing of the garage, and thanked fellow artist Dave Chino, mural painters Colossal Media, Macy’s, and Brooklyn “for making [him] the man [he is] today.”

Developpers will transform the parking into a residential high-rise with construction planning to start next spring.

Espo Love Letter to Brooklyn
Espo Love Letter to Brooklyn  Espo Love Letter to Brooklyn Espo Love Letter to BrooklynEspo Love Letter to Brooklyn


London: Damien Hirst – Love @ Paul Stolper

Damien Hirst - Love Exhibition

Damien Hirst is currently having a pop-up exhibition titled ‘Love‘ featuring a series of prints and sculptural editions at Paul Stolper gallery.

Focussing on the theme of love, the exhibition includes ‘LOVE Gold’, a portfolio of love heart prints each foil blocked with a single butterfly in gold leaf, as well as two love heart pill sculptures ‘♡YU4EVA’, and ‘Love Struck’, a heart pierced by a crossbow bolt suspended in a sweet jar.

Damien Hirst - Love Exhibition Damien Hirst - Love Exhibition                   Damien Hirst - Love ExhibitionDamien Hirst - Love ExhibitionDamien Hirst - Love Exhibition     Damien Hirst - Love Exhibition

View the full set of pics here

Damien Hirst – Love
Until 21 February
Paul Stolper
31 Museum Street