London: Remi Rough – Home @ Scream

Remi Rough - Home

After nine years, Remi Rough is returning to London with a solo exhibition ‘Home’ at Scream London. The show features a large collection of complex works on wood, handmade paper and canvas, playing with themes such as balance and imbalance, tension and geometric calculations – referencing Russian Constructionists such as Theo van Doesburg and Kazimir Malevich. A large scale installation also adorns the wall of the gallery with Remi’s vibrant colours. Join Scream London on 22 October for a special Q&A session with the artist and TIMID.

Remi Rough - Home
Remi Rough - Home   Remi Rough - Home  Remi Rough - Home Remi Rough - HomeRemi Rough - HomeRemi Rough - Home     Remi Rough - HomeRemi Rough - HomeRemi Rough - Home

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Remi Rough – Home
Scream London
Until 3 November 2015
Eastcastle Street, London