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Video: One Day in Banksy’s Dismaland

To complete the last instalment of our extensive coverage on Banksy’s Dismaland, here is a thirty minutes documentary we had the pleasure to host, a Red Tower Films Production in cooperation with ARTE Creative TV.

Big thanks to Banksy and the Dismaland team,  Simone Hoffmann, Lars Pedersen, René Kästner, Aris Bibudis, Michael Schmidt and Evgeniy Grinko.

You can view the German version here

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London: Remi Rough – Home @ Scream

Remi Rough - Home

After nine years, Remi Rough is returning to London with a solo exhibition ‘Home’ at Scream London. The show features a large collection of complex works on wood, handmade paper and canvas, playing with themes such as balance and imbalance, tension and geometric calculations – referencing Russian Constructionists such as Theo van Doesburg and Kazimir Malevich. A large scale installation also adorns the wall of the gallery with Remi’s vibrant colours. Join Scream London on 22 October for a special Q&A session with the artist and TIMID.

Remi Rough - Home
Remi Rough - Home   Remi Rough - Home  Remi Rough - Home Remi Rough - HomeRemi Rough - HomeRemi Rough - Home     Remi Rough - HomeRemi Rough - HomeRemi Rough - Home

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Remi Rough – Home
Scream London
Until 3 November 2015
Eastcastle Street, London

London: Moniker Art Fair 2015

Moniker Art Fair 2015

Celebrating its sixth year anniversary the Moniker Art Fair returned to the Truman Brewery in East London from 15-18 October 2015.

Featuring twenty national and international galleries with contemporary and urban artists, the Moniker Art Fair also introduced Bitcoin through the Renaissance is Now installation with Ben Eine and Schoony. UK stencil artist Nick Walker canvasses were presented in an immersive dining space with Lauren Baker chandeliers for The Art of Patrón Cocktail Cantina.

Moniker Art Fair 2015     Moniker Art Fair 2015Moniker Art Fair 2015

Supporting the  Hepatitius C Trust, Art on a Postcard showcased two hundred postcard size artworks from renowned artists priced at £50 through a lottery raffle including Gilbert& George, Harland Miller and more.

Moniker Art Fair 2015

Visitors could also enjoy some live performances like Mark Powell biro drawings or French graffiti artist Bom.K from the DMV crew painting live while MYA Gallery was presenting his UK solo show.

Moniker Art Fair 2015Moniker Art Fair 2015Moniker Art Fair 2015Moniker Art Fair 2015  Moniker Art Fair 2015     Moniker Art Fair 2015

A crucified Star Wars trooper by RYCA / Ryan Callanan (Tag Fine Arts, UK) overlooked the space while a three dimensional portrait by Matt Small (34 Fine Arts) greeted the visitors. Monochrome artworks by French artist WK Interact (Kallenbach Gallery, NL) were also  exhibited.

Moniker Art Fair 2015     Moniker Art Fair 2015Moniker Art Fair 2015

Drawings by Betz/ Etam Cru were also on show with MyFinBec, while London Westbank presented many artists like Inkie. Stencil godfather Blek Le Rat was featured at 44309 Street//Art Gallery. Prints by Hush and Japanese contemporary artists like Chiho Aoshima and Takashi Murakami were presented by Kumi Contemporary.

Moniker Art Fair 2015Moniker Art Fair 2015     Moniker Art Fair 2015 Moniker Art Fair 2015

Secondary works by Banksy and Peter Blake were also presented amongst the exhibitors. See additional pics below from Curious Duke Gallery, Folly & Muse, Graffik Gallery, Hawkins & Blue, Iaysha Art, Smithson Gallery, and Worldart.

Moniker Art Fair 2015     Moniker Art Fair 2015    Moniker Art Fair 2015     Moniker Art Fair 2015 Moniker Art Fair 2015      Moniker Art Fair 2015

In parallel Jealous Editions were also showing their printing process to the public.

Moniker Art Fair 2015

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Moniker Art Fair
15 – 18 October
The Old Truman Brewery
London E1 6QL

London: LAX/LHR @ Stolenspace

LAX / LHR - Stolenspace

Continuing their series of shows like in HK, SF, Berlin, or Detroit, Thinkspace Gallery is co-curating their LAX-LHR show with  Stolenspace in London showcasing the usual format of 12″ x 12″ works from each artist.

Participating artists include Aaron Nagel, Adam Caldwell, Alex Yanes, Alexis Diaz, Allison Sommers, Amanda Marie, Andrew McAttee, Andy Kehoe, Angry Woebots, Anthony Clarkson, Arth Daniels, Atsuko Goto, Baghead, Beau Stanton, Bec Winnel, Ben Frost, Ben Turnbull, Brian Mashburn, bumblebeelovesyou, Carl Cashman, Casey Weldon, Charles Krafft, Charlie Anderson, Chie Yoshii, Chris Stead, Christine Wu, Cinta Vidal, Cleon Peterson, Craig ‘Skibs’ Barker, Cryptik, Crystal Wagner, Curtis Kulig, David Bray, David Cooley, Derek Gores, Drew Leshko, Drew Young, EINE, Ekundayo, Erik Siador, Evoca1, Frank Gonzales, Fumi Nakamura, Haroshi, Herakut, Hueman, Jacub Gagnon, James Bullough, Jana & JS, Jason Thielke, Jeff Ramirez, Jeremy Fish, Jeremy Hush, Jim Houser, Joanne Namk, Jolene Lai, Jorge Rodriguez-Gerada, Joseph Martinez, Josie Morway, Kari-Lise Alexander, Kelly Vivanco, Ken Flewellyn, Kevin Peterson, Ki Sung Koh, Kikyz1313, Kojiro Ankan Takakawa, Kozyndan, Kwon Kyung-Yup, Kyle Stewart, Lauren Napolitano, Lindsey Carr, Linnea Strid, Liz Brizzi, London Police, Low Bros, Luke Chueh, Mari Inukai, Mary Iverson, Matt Linares, Matt Small, Matthew Grabelsky, Meggs, Meryl Donoghue, Mike Egan, Monica Canilao, Mysterious Al, Nosego, Nychos, Nylon, Okuda, Ozabu, Pam Glew, Paul Barnes, Paul Stephenson, Persue, Peter Adamyan, Ramon Maiden, Reka, Rone, Ronzo, Ryan Callanan, Sandra Chevrier, Scott Listfield, Sean Mahan, Sebastian Wahl, Shepard Fairey, So Youn Lee, Snik, Stinkfish, Sylvia Ji, Tony Philippou, Tran Nguyen, Troy Lovegates, Twoone, Von, Will Barras, and X-O.

LAX / LHR - StolenspaceLAX / LHR - Stolenspace     LAX / LHR - StolenspaceLAX / LHR - Stolenspace     LAX / LHR - StolenspaceLAX / LHR - StolenspaceLAX / LHR - Stolenspace

In parallel a series of 32″x 32″ artworks are also featured from Audrey Kawasaki, Alexis  Diaz,  C215,  Curiot,  Cyrcle,  D*Face,  David Cooley, Erik Jones, Joram Roukes, Kai & Sunny, Kevin Peterson, Low Bros, Maya Hayuk, and The London Police.

LAX / LHR - Stolenspace
LAX / LHR - StolenspaceLAX / LHR - Stolenspace
LAX / LHR - Stolenspace
LAX / LHR - Stolenspace

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Until 4 October 2015
17 Osborn Street
London E1 6TD

Dismaland Focus: Galleries

Dislamand - Galleries

As we enter the premises through a cardboard security control room built by Bill Barminksi  ( featured at the 2011 POW show) the security staff ask the most random questions.

After the clearing security, doors open to a sinister derelict place with trash, paper on the floor and mud. It almost looks like a dump. The surrounding staff dressed in pink hi-vis, is looking bored, miserable and haggard, sometimes holding David Shrigley’s ‘I’m an Imbecile’ balloons. When asking questions, they responded whispering messages beyond understanding. Customer service is below standard and not responsive at best.

Dismaland - Bill Barminski
Dismaland - Bill Barminski    Dismaland - Bill Barminski

A large indoor space is dedicated to ‘the finest collection of contemporary art ever assembled in a North Somerset seaside town’, featuring artworks from 50 artists from over 17 countries.

The exhibition starts off with an installation by Caroline McCarthy, whose flowers are growing out of packaging boxes, a smiley animation by James Joyce. Jenny Holzer’s electronic road signs surround Andreas Hykade’s drawing desk animation. Banksy Grim Reaper ‘ Dance of Death’ also makes a come back from BOTI.

Dislamand - Galleries     Dislamand - Galleries
Dislamand - Galleries

Alongside Banksy artworks (covered here),  many artworks relate to the seaside and funfair with a certain twist: Damien Hirst’s beach ball  is floating above a sea of razor sharp knives, Ben Long  giant Ice Cream Cone made of DIY objects, a wooden carved merry-go-round horse sculpture by Maskull Lassere,  apocalyptic funfair paintings by Jeff Gillette and seaside paintings by Leigh Mulley. 

Dislamand - Galleries   Dislamand - Galleries  Dislamand - Galleries   Dislamand - GalleriesDislamand - Galleries     Dislamand - Galleries  Dislamand - Galleries

Cereal boxes become a nightmare with Jani Leinonen. Tree houses, safe refuge for children, are either made from broccoli, through a photograph by  Brock Davis, or a mushroom cloud by  Dietrich Wegner.  Jessica Harrisson‘s tatooed ceramic dolls dance around stitched car installation by Severija Inčirauskaitė-Kriaunevičienė. 

Dislamand - Galleries      Dislamand - GalleriesDislamand - Galleries   Dislamand - Galleries  Dislamand - GalleriesDislamand - Galleries

Environmental issues and relationships between human and nature are highlighted with porcelain animals from Kate MacDowell, paintings by Paco Pomet, Josh Keyes, or pastel drawings showing global warming from Zaria Forman while Lee Madgwick shows architectural landscapes.

Dislamand - Paco PometDislamand - GalleriesDislamand - Galleries

Palestinian artists Sami Musa and Shadi Alzaqzouq are confronting the Israelo-Palestinian conflict. When realizing his work was exhibited alongside Israelian artists like Neta Harari Navon and Amir Shiby, the palestinian artist Shadi Alzaqzouq decided to initiate a protest and hide his artwork from the public.

Dislamand - Galleries     Dislamand - Galleries
Dislamand - Galleries     Dislamand - Galleries

The last room is dedicated to Lush paintings with miniature figures and an apocalyptic model village by James Cauty.  

Dislamand - Galleries   Dislamand - Galleries
Dislamand - Galleries   Dislamand - Galleries

Entitled ‘The aftermath dislocation principle’, James Cauty installation features a miniature post-apocalyptic world, burned, looted and devoid of all human life apart from a swell of police make up. The construction is a vast 1:87 scale model detailing the desolate, charred aftermath of what appears to have been a crazed riot in London. The only visible people are the 5,000 or so policemen at the scene armed with vans and weapons ready to control and quell. The whole scene is set into motion for the show as ambulance and street lights strobe in the darkness.

Dismaland - James Cauty     Dismaland - James CautyDismaland - James Cauty

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