Upcoming: Antony Micallef ‘Raw Intent’ @ Pearl Lam Galleries (Hong Kong)


British artist Antony Micallef (covered) will be opening his first solo show in Asia next week at Pearl Lam Galleries in Hong Kong.

The artist will exhibit a new series of paintings and studies that explore the relationships of the mechanics of artistic intent,
representation, and the use of paint as a material for expressing emotions.

The title of the exhibition, Raw Intent, refers to a seemingly unmediated yet highly conscious process of manipulating the material during the act of painting. By presenting an unidentifiable figure in the painting, the artist intends to trigger the audience’s sympathy. Micallef states his intention: ‘I am interested in that space where the figure almost disintegrates but somehow stays intact, leaving a sense of friction and raw distortion. The medium is celebrated and used in full force in many different ways with many different tools to render life that echoes traces of our emotional field.’

Antony Micallef – Raw Intent
13 May – 30 June 2016
Pearl Lam Galleries
Hong Kong