Studio Visit: Mike Dargas in Cologne (DE)

Mike Dargas - Studio Visit

We dropped by the studio of hyper-realist painter Mike Dargas in Cologne, Germany ahead of his upcoming solo exhibition at Opera Gallery  in London, curated by Jean-David Malat and  opening on 6th July.

Mike Dargas - Studio Visit

Drawing his inspiration from masters like Dali, Caravaggio and HR Giger, Mike Dargas studied various techniques and since his youth developed a passion for realism, which he narrowed down to hyperrealism over the years.

A first look at Mike Dargas’ artworks, they can easily be mistaken for large scale photographs. Years of practice mastering the oil painting enabled him to create hyperrealist portraits with very intricate details. The German artist’s love for precision, in an almost obsessive manner, brings models to life under the brush stroke and draws one into a dreamlike world where time has suspended.

Like photography Mike Dargas loves to play with shadows, focus and depth of field to create mesmerising portraits. In his liquid-series, the photorealism of the dripping effect on the faces of his models is breathtaking and exults in sensuality.

Mike Dargas - Studio VisitMike Dargas - Studio Visit     Mike Dargas - Studio VisitMike Dargas - Studio VisitMike Dargas - Studio Visit     Mike Dargas Studio VisitMike Dargas - Studio Visit
Mike Dargas - Studio Visit    Mike Dargas - Studio Visit  Mike Dargas - Studio Visit        Mike Dargas - Studio Visit

View the full set of pics here

Mike Dargas – Opera Gallery
6 – 20 July
134 New Bond Street
W1S 2TF London

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