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Toulouse: #Creve Hivernale / Decembrrrr 016


December 2016.  A wasteland surrounded by barbed wire with a view on passing trains, home to travellers and less fortunate people. This is not a picture taken in a distant country, but actually in the center of Toulouse, France.

With Creve Hivernale / Decembrrr 016, local and international artists continue to raise a red flag and highlight the urgency of the current situation and socio-political climate in Europe, this time by gathering outside in this wasteland and creating immersive installations, visual and audio performances, as well as artistic collaborations with children and families living there .



NADIA VON FOUTRE (Toulouse) – JEAN DENANT (Sete) (?) – MANUEL POMAR (Toulouse) – A4 PUTEVIE (Toulouse) – MADEMOISELLE KAT (Toulouse) – SID POLIEKOFF (Toulouse) – MATHIEU TREMBLIN (Strasbourg) – TILT (Toulouse) (?) – MARDI NOIR (Rennes) –  UPGRAYYDD RECIDIVE (Toulouse) – MOLO MOLO (Toulouse) – CLAIRE SAUVAGET (Toulouse) – BERTRAND FRAYSSE (Toulouse) – DON QUICKSHOT (Toulouse) – LURK WARM (Toulouse) – BUTTERFLY (London) – SOPHIE BACQUIE (Toulouse) – LUCIE LAFLORENTIE (Toulouse ) – /+ OFF/ … ANNLOR CODINA (Toulouse) – NATALIE SVIT-KONA EIFYRAN (Toulouse) ) – /+ OFF/ …

From 16 Dec with ongoing interventions until the end of the year

Next event: 29 DECEMBER FROM 17:00

GPS  Location  : 43.632685, 1.475884


Creve Hivernale - Toulouse

Toulouse : Creve Hivernale Exhibition @ Frigo

Creve Hivernale - Toulouse

Initially planned for 4-5-6 December, an exhibition called ‘CREVE HIVERNALE / COPS31 / MARKER V’ in Toulouse has been extended to 11-12 -13 December with a grand finale on 30 December in support of La Cimade (not for profit organisation helping refugees and homeless people).

Located in the ‘Frigo’, 378, route de Launaguet, the show explores notions of homelessness and the Syrian migrant crisis that has been affecting Europe. The exhibition features a series of live performances, murals, photos, testimonies, dialogue between habitants, in-habitants, the visible and in-visible, installations and interventions.

Participating artists include anonymous artivist < + + , Fred Calmets,A4Putevie, photographer Balint Pörneczi, screenprints and Tshirts by Cleangraphics and more…

Creve Hivernale - Toulouse
Creve Hivernale - Toulouse    Creve Hivernale - Toulouse

To dissolve the incessant influx of refugees in the Calais’ Jungle, French government has been dispatching migrants via private jets to various CRA (retention centers) in France, Toulouse being the largest one (see here).

#CREVE HIVERNALE plays on the term ‘Treve hivernale’ which indicates the temporary period during which housing expulsion notices are suspended in the cold months of winter. ‘Creve’ also means ‘to have a cold’ and /or ‘die’.

Photographer Balint Pörneczi, winner of the Zoom 2015 prize at the Salon de la Photo in Paris, has been accompanying and documenting migrants through their journey in Europe.

Upon entering this massive industrial freezing warehouse nicknamed ‘Le Frigo’, we are faced with a series of photos in the outskirts of Toulouse and La Rocade depicting the precarious living conditions of the Syrian migrants. This aims to create a dialogue and wake up call with locals as they recognise the areas and drive past oblivious on a daily basis.

Creve Hivernale - Toulouse
Creve Hivernale - Toulouse    Creve Hivernale - ToulouseCreve Hivernale - Toulouse

In the main space large black and white portraits pay tribute to migrant families and their difficult journey through the Hungarian borders to get to a safer place.

Creve Hivernale - ToulouseCreve Hivernale - ToulouseCreve Hivernale - Toulouse    Creve Hivernale - Toulouse

Toulousan artist A4Putevie created an immersive experience with a large scale mural with rainbow coloured fighter jets and temporary shelters. Sleeping or frightened figures are appearing ghostly, cut out in mattresses,while being overlooked by an observation tower.  Nearby stands a children treehouse, symbol of safe heaven, looking very fragile and on the brick of collapsing. Inscriptions on the wall reveals messages about surveillance, losing freedom rights, and an increased fear and manipulation of the mind.

#‎MATELAS / Mattress Piece of furniture used by people to lie down, element of comfort, often linked to a bed. Comes from the arab word ‘matrah’ .

#‎CABANE / HUT, seasonal housing construction serving as temporary shelter.

Creve Hivernale - Toulouse    Creve Hivernale - ToulouseCreve Hivernale - ToulouseCreve Hivernale - Toulouse    Creve Hivernale - Toulouse Creve Hivernale - Toulouse    Creve Hivernale - Toulouse

Anonymous artist and long time activist <++ pays tribute to the less fortunate with his infamous series of hanging visible /invisible totem figures, from camouflage to  reflecting versions. Like a scene after a war explosion, layers of feathers (symbol of peace), broken mirrors (distorted reality), dirt, and faded tulips are juxtaposed on mattresses, surrounded by candles.

The use of #‎TULIPE represents capitalism speculation and over consumerism, in reference to the Tulip mania 

Creve Hivernale - ToulouseCreve Hivernale - Toulouse

In parallel to the installations, <++ did a couple a live painting performances and created a cabane for people to discuss, share experiences and enjoy some tea.
Creve Hivernale - Toulouse    Creve Hivernale - Toulouse
Creve Hivernale - ToulouseCreve Hivernale - Toulouse    Creve Hivernale - Toulouse Creve Hivernale - Toulouse    Creve Hivernale - Toulouse
Creve Hivernale - Toulouse

A mural by Fred Calmet & Kegrea shows an upside down bird surrounded by men with protective clothes and masks.
Further down an installation using found objects recreate a raft, depicting the fragility of the current situation.

Creve Hivernale - ToulouseCreve Hivernale - ToulouseCreve Hivernale - Toulouse    Creve Hivernale - Toulouse

View the full set of pics here

From 15:00 to 00:00
Le Frigo, 378, route de Launaguet – 31140 Launaguet,
next to Toulouse