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Toulouse: #Creve Hivernale / Decembrrrr 016


December 2016.  A wasteland surrounded by barbed wire with a view on passing trains, home to travellers and less fortunate people. This is not a picture taken in a distant country, but actually in the center of Toulouse, France.

With Creve Hivernale / Decembrrr 016, local and international artists continue to raise a red flag and highlight the urgency of the current situation and socio-political climate in Europe, this time by gathering outside in this wasteland and creating immersive installations, visual and audio performances, as well as artistic collaborations with children and families living there .



NADIA VON FOUTRE (Toulouse) – JEAN DENANT (Sete) (?) – MANUEL POMAR (Toulouse) – A4 PUTEVIE (Toulouse) – MADEMOISELLE KAT (Toulouse) – SID POLIEKOFF (Toulouse) – MATHIEU TREMBLIN (Strasbourg) – TILT (Toulouse) (?) – MARDI NOIR (Rennes) –  UPGRAYYDD RECIDIVE (Toulouse) – MOLO MOLO (Toulouse) – CLAIRE SAUVAGET (Toulouse) – BERTRAND FRAYSSE (Toulouse) – DON QUICKSHOT (Toulouse) – LURK WARM (Toulouse) – BUTTERFLY (London) – SOPHIE BACQUIE (Toulouse) – LUCIE LAFLORENTIE (Toulouse ) – /+ OFF/ … ANNLOR CODINA (Toulouse) – NATALIE SVIT-KONA EIFYRAN (Toulouse) ) – /+ OFF/ …

From 16 Dec with ongoing interventions until the end of the year

Next event: 29 DECEMBER FROM 17:00

GPS  Location  : 43.632685, 1.475884


Creve Hivernale - Toulouse

Toulouse: Bleu Bleu @ ‘Printemps de Septembre’ Festival

Bleu Bleu - Printemps de Septembre

We continue our coverage on the Printemps de Septembre Festival in Toulouse  with the Bleu Bleu Project (named after a mythical bar in Toulouse attended by the young art scene), a multifaceted project curated by Manuel Pomar.

Originating from a scenario and the eponymous play by Stephane Arcas, the Bleu Bleu exhibition borrows the play’s decor and some of its texts. The Lieu Commun space has been transformed into a decrepit student apartment whith emblematic artworks from the 90’s borrowed from regional collections of contemporary art (FRAC). Historical pieces are exhibited together with other works carried out by a selection of graduates artists of the Toulouse Fine Art School (isdaT) and EBABX. In parallel visitors can enjoy live performances of members of the collective 330 + 1 who reenact certain parts of the play. A report on the youth and the upheavals of the world.

Bleu Bleu - Printemps de Septembre Bleu Bleu - Printemps de SeptembreBleu Bleu - Printemps de Septembre     Bleu Bleu - Printemps de Septembre Bleu Bleu - Printemps de Septembre

View the full of pics from Printemps de Septembre here

Bleu Bleu
Until 23 October 2016
Printemps de Septembre Festival
Lieu Commun, Toulouse