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London: Damien Hirst – Love @ Paul Stolper

Damien Hirst - Love Exhibition

Damien Hirst is currently having a pop-up exhibition titled ‘Love‘ featuring a series of prints and sculptural editions at Paul Stolper gallery.

Focussing on the theme of love, the exhibition includes ‘LOVE Gold’, a portfolio of love heart prints each foil blocked with a single butterfly in gold leaf, as well as two love heart pill sculptures ‘♡YU4EVA’, and ‘Love Struck’, a heart pierced by a crossbow bolt suspended in a sweet jar.

Damien Hirst - Love Exhibition Damien Hirst - Love Exhibition                   Damien Hirst - Love ExhibitionDamien Hirst - Love ExhibitionDamien Hirst - Love Exhibition     Damien Hirst - Love Exhibition

View the full set of pics here

Damien Hirst – Love
Until 21 February
Paul Stolper
31 Museum Street


Paris : Damien Hirst – The Complete Spot Paintings

Damien Hirst - Gagosian Paris

Damien Hirst’s latest exhibition, The Complete Spot Paintings, is being held simultaneously at all 11 Gagosian Galleries across the world, from London to Paris, Geneva, Rome, Hong Kong, New York and Los Angeles.

Presenting a retrospective of Hirst’s infamous spot paintings between 1986 and 2011, the exhibition features dotty canvases of all shapes and sizes, from miniature dots to large format spots.  Viewers are submerged by this colourful pharmaceutical universe where no colour is being repeated within any single piece.

The artist is even offering a personalised signed spotty print to the lucky few who complete the polka-dot marathon and visit the 11 locations within a month.

We stopped by the Paris exhibition which expands over two floors:

Damien Hirst - Gagosian Paris     Damien Hirst - Gagosian ParisDamien Hirst - Gagosian Paris Damien Hirst - Gagosian Paris Damien Hirst - Gagosian Paris      Damien Hirst - Gagosian Paris     Damien Hirst - Gagosian ParisDamien Hirst - Gagosian Paris

View the full set of pics HERE

London: Damien Hirst x Flea Spin Guitars

Damien Hirst & Flea

Flea, the bass player from The Red Hot Chili Peppers, has teamed up with Damien Hirst to create a line of fifty limited edition SPIN Bass Guitars selling at £50,000 each to raise funds for Flea’s music school, The Silverlake Conservatory of Music, a non-profit organization, facilitating music education. The launch event took place at Other Criteria, featuring the specially designed guitars as well as twenty customised spectrums.

Damien Hirst & Flea  Damien Hirst & Flea  Damien Hirst & FleaDamien Hirst & Flea Damien Hirst & Flea     Damien Hirst & FleaDamien Hirst & Flea

More pics HERE

Damien Hirst & Flea Spin Guitars
Other Criteria