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Eine, D*Face and Zevs at Faces exhibition

A new concept gallery combining art with an hair salon, Electric Blue Gallery has gathered UK and French artists, to each make over an entire street in their inimitable style, creating an unprecedented outdoor gallery only visible at night.

The exhibition/outdoor concept, Faces, extends the gallery space beyond its traditional white walls and out onto the blank canvas of eleven surrounding streets, creating an affluent new London East End destination by day, and a free, international gallery of world-class contemporary art by night. With over a year in planning, by completion it will be one of the biggest permanent public installations in the world.

Middlesex Street 
Middlesex Street 
Eine 02 Eine 01

During the “Faces” opening on Thursday 16 September,  Zevs’ crew performed live by spraying LV clean graffiti.  

 LV 03b   LV 06LV 14 LV 15

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Eine – Middlesex Street, London

As part of the upcoming ‘Faces’ exhibition which opens on Thursday 16 September at the Electric Blue Gallery,  Ben Flynn, a.k.a. Eine has taken over an entire street, nicknamed  ‘Alphabet Street’ (Middlesex Street, formerly Petticoat Lane) across  a series of multiple weeks. 

The regeneration project proudly marks the boundary line between the East End and the City of London.

All shop shutters have been painted in pastel colours with Eine’s distinctive typography.

EineEine      EineEine      Eine

Across 4 weeks weather permitting, Eine also worked on a mural depicting flying crosswords.

This is one of the most complex mural, multi-layered, multicolored he’s done to date.
The main sentence if you can find it *, sits perfectly in the City surroundings.

Here are some pics of the work in progress


Eine with his assistants


* Sell the house, the kids, the wife, it’s bonus time