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Paris Match group show at Opera Gallery

Celebrating the 64th anniversary of French magazine Paris Match, in partnership with Opera Gallery in Paris, 19 artists paid tribute by revisiting some of their iconic covers in paintings, sculptures, photos and other mixed media. Participating artists included Speedy Graphito, C215, Blek Le Rat, The London Police, Kan, Dest, Paul Alexis, G.J. Plisson & Brusk, Andre Monet, Gully, Gris1, Brusk, Tilt, Hisham Echafaki, Ron Agam and Zeus.

Click to view the catalogue here.

Paris Match - Opera Gallery     Paris Match - Opera GalleryParis Match - Opera Gallery     Paris Match - Opera Gallery                Paris Match - Opera Gallery     Paris Match - Opera GalleryParis Match - Opera Gallery  Paris Match - Opera Gallery  Paris Match - Opera GalleryG.J. Plisson & Brusk

Pics of the opening here

Paris Match – Une histoire de couvertures
Opera Gallery
356 Rue Saint-Honoré  75001 Paris


London: Da Mental Vaporz Crew

Jaw- BomK - Brusk

While in London French artists Bom.K, Blo, Brusk, Gris1, Jaw and Kan from the DMV crew have been busy painting some shutters with their colourful style in East London for the Walls Project .

Espo - Phlegm Blo Kan  Kan  BloJAW     BruskGris1 

Marseille: Gris1 solo show at Backside gallery

Gris1 - Backside Gallery

Gris1  from the  Da Mental Vaporz crew is having a solo show at Backside Gallery in Marseille, France, running until 8 November. Showcasing paintings and installations, Gris1 treats us with a reconstitution of his studio space, where post-it notes and smiley faces overtake the floors to the ceiling. But the most impressive part of the show is a creation of a miniature city and train station where the trains circulate featuring familiar throw-ups and tags from Gris1 and his friends, much to the delight of children and grown ups.

Gris1 - Backside Gallery   Gris1 - Backside Gallery   Gris1 - Backside Gallery
Gris1 - Backside Gallery
Gris1 - Backside Gallery      Gris1 - Backside Gallery
Gris1 - Backside Gallery      Gris1 - Backside Gallery
Full set of pics from the opening here

Backside Gallery
Marseille, France
Until 8 November 2008

Video: DMV workshop session

Earlier this year I visited the studio of the  Da Mental Vaporz crew as they prepared for their australian show.  Here is a great film by Fabien Didelot featuring the entire crew at work with Blo, Bom.k, Brusk, Dran, Gris1, Iso, Jaw, Kan and  Sowat.

Da Mental Vaporz - Le Venin Melbourne DMV Exquisite Corpse - Detail by Blo DMV Hypnotic Skull - Detail by Brusk Da Mental Vaporz - Le Venin Melbourne Smiley - Detail by Gris1