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Bristol: Banksy Mobile Lovers

Banksy - Mobile Lovers

When Banksy recently updated his website with new pictures featuring a stencilled couple holding mobile phones, it generated a complete frenzy.

Banksy - Mobile Lovers
Banksy website

It was located and identified in Bristol on a wooden door outside a youth club.

Within 24 hours the door was removed by Dennis Stinchcombe, the Broad Plain Boys’ Club manager, who decided to charge viewers before trying to sell it at auction in order to support his ailing club.
However the building of the youth club is council owned. So the Bristol Council then started to intervene and confiscated the artwork. The Mayor of Bristol has asked the piece to be to moved to the Bristol Museum while a battle of ownership continues.

Banksy - Mobile Lovers

Banksy Mobile Lovers is currently on display at the Bristol Museum until further notice…

Banksy - Mobile Lovers

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