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Toulouse: Subcultures @ Espace Croix Baragnon – Part II

Subcultures - Toulouse

We continue our coverage (See Part I here) on the current exhibition ‘Subcultures’ in ‘L’espace Croix Baragnon’ in Toulouse curated by David Pujol featuring 10 established and emerging artists, with their influences and distinctive style on the local and international scene: Amandine Urruty 100TAUR   (covered)A4 Putevie (covered), Mathieu Bourrillon, Nicolas Delpech, Fräneck, Herbot, Kinder K, Arnaud Loumeau and Benjamin Stoop.

Pencil drawings by Mathieu Bourillon (b.1976) invite the viewers into the subconscious mind and our pulsions. Each artwork has its own narrative and invitation to dive into an enigmatic universe where black and white figures are floating surrounded by a magical landscape.

Subcultures - Toulouse
Subcultures - Toulouse     Subcultures - Toulouse

Also using pencils, Amandine Urruty (b.1982) depicts a monochrome surrealist universe mixing antique toys and medieval bestiaries, Dutch landscapes with Little Ponies and Muppet Show characters, a little bit of spicy sausages and slimy monsters.

Subcultures - Toulouse Subcultures - Toulouse     Subcultures - Toulouse

Nicolas Delpech (b.1978) and Benjamin Stoop (b.1980) from the Atelier 2000 play with geometric shapes, letters, collage and patterns as well as light and neon installations to describe parallel universes.

Subcultures - Toulouse     Subcultures - Toulouse Subcultures - ToulouseSubcultures - Toulouse

Herbot (b.1968) aka Rene Apallec is a collage virtuoso, using his magic scissors and a juxtaposition of images to create a surrealist universe where his characters experience an unexpected twist.

Subcultures - Toulouse  Subcultures - Toulouse   Subcultures - Toulouse
Subcultures - Toulouse

View the full set of pics here

Until 18 June 2016
Espace Croix-Baragnon
24 rue Croix-Baragnon
31000 Toulouse (FR)