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London: MAD C – Character @ Pure Evil Department Store

Mad C - Character @ Pure Evil

After her first successful solo show in 2011, MadC returns to London‘s Pure Evil Gallery. The title „Character“ sums up MadC‘s work since she started painting graffiti 19 years ago.
A character can be a symbol or a letter, a figure or a person‘s nature. MadC says: „To get somewhere in the graffiti world, you need character. To get known in the graffiti world, you need characters to form a name. To learn how to use a spray can to it‘s full extent, you need to paint characters.“

MadC‘s work has progressed immensely in the last decade. Transparent layers of calligraphy on canvas dominate her work today. The movements are taken from her energetic wildstyle street pieces. „Character“ is the sum up of MadC‘s progress till date and her installations are a glimpse into the artists work in the future.

Mad C - Character @ Pure Evil     Mad C - Character @ Pure EvilMad C - Character @ Pure Evil
Mad C - Character @ Pure Evil     Mad C - Character @ Pure Evil Mad C - Character @ Pure Evil

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MAD C – Character
Until 31 October 2015
Pure Evil Department Store
96/98 Leonard Street, London


London: Magda Danysz – The London Project

Magda Danysz - London Project

After Paris (since 1999) and Shanghai (since 2009),  French gallery owner Magda Danysz is opening a London exhibition space for the next 4 months in the North of Soho. The ‘London Project is set to be a unique experience into contemporary art.

Within the last decade, Magda Danysz Gallery has been presenting artworks by emerging and talented artists who have since became key players of the international scene of contemporary art, such as OBEY, JR, Space Invader, Vhils, Futura, Erwin Olaf or Prune Nourry or Chinese rising stars such as Yang Yongliang and Liu Bolin, among others.

The London Project is a continuation of iconic projects curated by the Gallery such as Les Bains Douches in Paris, back in 2013 (covered here), or Look Through in the historic Bund18 building in Shanghai, in 2014. Magda Danysz London’s exhibition space aims at hosting regular shows presenting painting, sculpture, photographs from various and renowned artists.

The current artists on show in London include Sten & Lex (IT), Zhou Hongbin (CH), L’Atlas (FR), Jonone (USA), Stephane Bisseul (FR),  Bai Guanghua (CH), Blek Le Rat (FR), Futura (USA), Alain Delorme (FR), Gael Davrinche (FR), Zhand Dali (CH), Peikwen Cheng (CH), Feng Fangyu (CH), YZ (FR), Yang Yongliang (CH). 

With a large set of basements and vaults, the exhibition space is also devoted to a secret artistic project, giving carte blanche to major and iconic artists as they take over each and every inches of the space for unique collaborative artwork. The opening revealed creations and in-situ installations by French artist Yz, as well as UK artists Remi Rough, Pure Evil and Crossie. 

With live artworks over a period of four months, the London Project will organise private visits for a limited public to witness the creative process and the various techniques before being fully unveiled at the end of this project.

Magda Danysz - London Project     Magda Danysz - London Project Magda Danysz - London Project    Magda Danysz - London Project     Magda Danysz - London Project Magda Danysz - London ProjectMagda Danysz - London Project  Magda Danysz - London Project   Magda Danysz - London ProjectMagda Danysz - London Project Magda Danysz - London Project Magda Danysz - London Project
Magda Danysz - London Project     Magda Danysz - London Project

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Magda Danysz – The London Project
61 Charlotte Street

London: Cosmo Sarson @ Pure Evil

Cosmo Sarson - Pure Evil

Coinciding with the Christian’s holiday Easter season, Pure Evil’s Department Store is hosting Cosmo Sarson‘s first solo show since he hit the headlines in 2013 with his massive breakdancing Jesus mural in Bristol. Since then he has kept himself busy with a group show at the Saatchi gallery and a 45ft long portrait mural at the London Olympics, amongst other projects. Cosmo returns to his native London to show a new body of work that takes inspiration from the tales and stories of Greek mythology as well as a few new moves from the son of God.

Cosmo Sarson - Pure Evil  Cosmo Sarson - Pure Evil   Cosmo Sarson - Pure EvilCosmo Sarson - Pure Evil     Cosmo Sarson - Pure EvilCosmo Sarson - Pure Evil     Cosmo Sarson - Pure Evil     Cosmo Sarson - Pure Evil

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Cosmo Sarson
Until 26 April
Pure Evil Department Store

London: Aiko – Unstoppable Waves

Aiko -Unstoppable Waves

NY based street artist Lady Aiko is exhibiting some pieces from her recent Amsterdam show called Unstoppable Waves (at Andeken Gallery) at the Pure Evil Gallery in London

Running until 13 November, the show features Aiko’s iconic Lady Butterflies on stencil, wood and canvas. 

Aiko -Unstoppable Waves
Aiko -Unstoppable Waves     Aiko -Unstoppable WavesAiko -Unstoppable Waves     Aiko -Unstoppable WavesAiko -Unstoppable Waves   Aiko -Unstoppable Waves     Aiko -Unstoppable WavesAiko -Unstoppable Waves Aiko -Unstoppable Waves

Pure Evil 3

Pure Evil - 3

The exhibition is happening in 3 galleries in Paris, Los Angeles and London.

Londonewcastle Project Space
28 Redchurch Street, London E2 7DP

Video from the opening

Participating artists :
Andrew Mcattee, Bom-K ,Dain , Danny Gretscher, Eine, Grady, Gordon, Gustavo Ortiz, Isaac Cordal , James Flames , Jeanne Briand, Lucas Price, Mason Marcobello, Medo , Pure Evil, Rene Almanza, Roa , Silencio, Wendell Mcshine, Yuval Shaul, Sowat, Rodez, Valerie Browne, Medo, Jaz Edgar Argaez, Dixon, Danny Gretscher, Edith kia , Nicolas Feouillat,Sten + Lex, Miss Bugs, Wildcat Will, Daniel Acosta, Daniel Berman, Uriel Marin, Apex, L’atlas, Ephameron, Patricia Colli, Gabriel Mbembe, John Uzell Edwards, Dan Mabe, Nychos.

Pics from the opening