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CAPITALE(S) 60 Years of Urban Art in Paris

Butterfly Art News is pleased to partner with the Ville de Paris for the Exhibition ‘CAPITALE(S) – 60 ans d’art urbain’, hosted within the Hotel de Ville, Paris City Hall, and running from 15 October until 11 February 2023. Free entry, but booking is essential here

Through the creations of more than 70 artists, works from prestigious collections, archive documents, photos and videos, in situ interventions, painted walls throughout the city, CAPITALE(S) presents a wide panorama of the Urban Art Movement and the importance of the Parisian scene spanning across the past 60 years.

The exhibition starts with pioneers from the 60’s and 70’s like Jacques Villegle, Raymond Hains, Ernest Pignon-Ernest or Zlotykamien.

Then the early 80’s feature the white man figures of Jerôme Mesnager, robots by Speedy Graphito and the proliferation of stencils by Miss Tic, Blek Le Rat, Mosko, Jef Aerosol, Epsylon Point.

This period of intense urban activity allows the emergence of artists’ collectives such as VLP (Vive la Peinture) affiliated with the punk culture or the Ripoulin brothers.

French-American teenager Bando (b. in 1965) introduced graffiti in France after writing in New York, followed by the New York City Rap Tour in 1982. Graffiti writers invade the banks of the Seine and adorn the palissades of the Louvre construction site. Stalingrad, a spot found by graffiti writer Ash, becomes the Hall of Fame for the prolific graffiti scene until 1989, featuring writers like Mode2, Niels ‘Shoe’ Meulman, Lokiss, Nasty, SKKI and numerous graffiti crew. In parallel  Psychose paints in the catacombs and the underground sewers system.

In 1987 Keith Haring paints the emergency staircase of the Hopital Necker to provide hopes of brightening the spirits of sick children in the world’s first pediatric hospital.

Like in the US, graffiti was severely repressed in Paris in the early 90’s. American artists like Futura, A-One or even Rammellzee gain recognition from the European artistic community and present their works in galleries and museums in Paris.  JonOne will settle permanently in Paris.

In the 2000’s, urban art has become a global movement with a multitude of techniques: from graffiti to street art, paste ups, stickers, stencils, mosaics and more. International artists are coming to Paris to leave their mark:  Shepard Fairey, Swoon, Banksy, Vhils.   

French artists have also gained international recognition: Andre, Invader, Zevs, JR, Dran, Lek and Sowat, Seth, L’Atlas, C215, Ludo, RERO, Philippe Baudelocque to Levalet.

Specially for CAPITALE(S), Invader has put two new aliases to be flashed for all the Flash Invaders addicts and shared a fully updated map of his invasion of the streets of Paris.

The exhibition presents also immersive and playful experiences.

Kashink, Kraken and Madame have created 3 entirely virtual works, hidden in a secret room of the exhibition: “The Fifth Wall“. A hunt for clues in Augmented Reality can be found through QR codes to be scanned under the works.

Visitors can try out graffiti with a digital spray can through GRAFFITI DIGITAL Picturae.

Artist Cristobal Diaz has created a GRAFF BOX, an immersive experience combining urban calligraphic production with playful digital devices featuring 250 artists.

While it is difficult to include the full scope of artists that have been active in Paris in the past 60 years within the City Hall, the four curators Magda Danysz, Elise Herszkowicz, Nicolas Laugero Lasserre and Marko93 have gathered following artists:

• Jacques Villeglé • Zlotykamien • Ernest Pignon-Ernest • Surface Active • Captain Fluo • Edmond Marie Rouffet • Blek le Rat • Miss.Tic • VLP • Speedy Graphito • Jean Faucheur • Mesnager • Mosko • Jef Aérosol • Bando • Ash • Jay0ne • SKKI • Keith Haring • Mambo • Nasty • Slice • Psyckoze • Lokiss • Shoe • Futura • A-One • Rammellzee • Jon0ne • André • Zevs • Dize • Invader • Shepard Fairey • JR • Vhils • Swoon • Banksy • C215 • L’Atlas • YZ • Seth • Tarek Benaoum • eL Seed • Ludo • Rero • Dran • O’Clock • Tanc • Lek • Sowat • Cristobal Diaz • Philippe Baudelocque • Levalet • Madame • Kashink • Vision • Pest • Greky • Sébastien Preschoux • Romain Froquet • Kraken • 9eme Concept • Les Francs Colleurs • Saype

There is also a prolific programme throughout the exhibition:

  • New murals will be painted at the Pavillon Carré de Baudouin and in several Parisian districts,
  • A selection of pictures will be featured on the gates of the City Hall,
  • Workshops, conferences and screenings of films and documentaries.
  • A book accompanying the exhibition is available at Gallimard / Editions Alternatives

Big thanks to all the teams, artists, photographers, lenders and institutions that have participated to the exhibition, specially Clemence Demolling, as well as all the artists that have contributed to the scene over the past 60 years.


PARIS HOTEL DE VILLE ( Paris City Hall), 5 Rue Lobeau 75004 Paris

15 October – 25 March 2023

Free entry, but booking is essential here


London: Magda Danysz – The London Project

Magda Danysz - London Project

After Paris (since 1999) and Shanghai (since 2009),  French gallery owner Magda Danysz is opening a London exhibition space for the next 4 months in the North of Soho. The ‘London Project is set to be a unique experience into contemporary art.

Within the last decade, Magda Danysz Gallery has been presenting artworks by emerging and talented artists who have since became key players of the international scene of contemporary art, such as OBEY, JR, Space Invader, Vhils, Futura, Erwin Olaf or Prune Nourry or Chinese rising stars such as Yang Yongliang and Liu Bolin, among others.

The London Project is a continuation of iconic projects curated by the Gallery such as Les Bains Douches in Paris, back in 2013 (covered here), or Look Through in the historic Bund18 building in Shanghai, in 2014. Magda Danysz London’s exhibition space aims at hosting regular shows presenting painting, sculpture, photographs from various and renowned artists.

The current artists on show in London include Sten & Lex (IT), Zhou Hongbin (CH), L’Atlas (FR), Jonone (USA), Stephane Bisseul (FR),  Bai Guanghua (CH), Blek Le Rat (FR), Futura (USA), Alain Delorme (FR), Gael Davrinche (FR), Zhand Dali (CH), Peikwen Cheng (CH), Feng Fangyu (CH), YZ (FR), Yang Yongliang (CH). 

With a large set of basements and vaults, the exhibition space is also devoted to a secret artistic project, giving carte blanche to major and iconic artists as they take over each and every inches of the space for unique collaborative artwork. The opening revealed creations and in-situ installations by French artist Yz, as well as UK artists Remi Rough, Pure Evil and Crossie. 

With live artworks over a period of four months, the London Project will organise private visits for a limited public to witness the creative process and the various techniques before being fully unveiled at the end of this project.

Magda Danysz - London Project     Magda Danysz - London Project Magda Danysz - London Project    Magda Danysz - London Project     Magda Danysz - London Project Magda Danysz - London ProjectMagda Danysz - London Project  Magda Danysz - London Project   Magda Danysz - London ProjectMagda Danysz - London Project Magda Danysz - London Project Magda Danysz - London Project
Magda Danysz - London Project     Magda Danysz - London Project

View the set of pics here

Magda Danysz – The London Project
61 Charlotte Street

Streets: Paris Nuit Blanche 2014 – Part 3

Swoon - Nuit Blanche Paris 14

For the last instalment of our Nuit Blanche  coverage  in Paris dedicated to Street Art, Swoon covered the walls of former Massena train station. The installation refers to the Motherhood theme, and her intricate lace paper cut-outs highlight the fragility and beauty of life.

Swoon - Nuit Blanche Paris 14Swoon - Nuit Blanche Paris 14Swoon - Nuit Blanche Paris 14

French artist L’Atlas adorns the walls with his signature geometric typography, while American artist Mark Jenkins put his tape figures in surprising locations and situations throughout the city: a girl is dangling her head on a fishing line from a balcony, a hooded man seems locked to the gate of a building, much to the awkward looks from the residents.

Atlas - Nuit Blanche Paris 14Mark Jenkins - Nuit Blanche Paris 14Mark Jenkins - Nuit Blanche Paris 14

French stencil artist Yz painted a large floral mural using only natural material like wood, paper, zinc and black ink.

Yz - Nuit Blanche Paris 14 Yz - Nuit Blanche Paris 14 Yz - Nuit Blanche Paris 14

View the full set of pics from the Nuit Blanche here

London: YZ – Lost in the City

Yz - Lost in the City

Lost in the city’ is the first solo show by French street artist YZ in the gallery frenchartstudio in London.

YZ questions the duality of two cities from an architectural perspective, Paris vs Hong Kong through a series of monochrome artworks depicting architectural elements such as facades, monuments, ornaments and highlights what make them such unique and fascinating places. Going further, YZ integrates classic architectural elements from Paris into Asiatic traditional run downed surroundings to create great aesthetical harmony.

Yz - Lost in the CityYz - Lost in the City  Yz - Lost in the City   Yz - Lost in the CityYz - Lost in the CityYz - Lost in the City     Yz - Lost in the CityYz - Lost in the CityYz - Lost in the City     Yz - Lost in the City

View the full set of pics here

YZ – Lost in the city
Until 27 April 2014
French Art Studio
58 Gloucester Road
London SW7 4QT