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Mulafest: The largest wall of Spain (Madrid)

To celebrate the second edition of  MULAFEST, the Madrid Urban Trends Festival, street artists are currenly painting a gigantic mural of 1,800 square meters, the largest wall of Spain.

Featuring AryzSANHerbert BaglioneOkudaSixe Paredes and Suso33,  the mural is an explosion of colours.

Aryz provides some criticism on consumerism, while Okuda, Sixe Parades and Susso33 create a central mosaic from the big bang to the explosion of human population. Lastly the duo SAN and Herbert Baglione explore the symbiosis between humanity and technology.

Mulafest - Okuda Mulafest     Mulafest - Sixe Parades        Mulafest Mulafest     Mulafest-Susso33 -02     Mulafest - SAN Mulafest - SAN

View all the pics here

Feria de Madrid
27 – 30 June 2013



San’s ‘Pygmalion’ solo show at Stolenspace

Born Daniel Munoz Rodriquez, San is an internationally recognized and commissioned illustrator, painter, and street artist. Born in a small Spanish village near the Portuguese border, San currently works and resides in Madrid. His artwork is influenced by magical realism, graffiti, and the culinary arts.

 13.08.09 – 23.08.09

San - Pygmalion Show 2009-08- 002 San - Pygmalion Show San - Pygmalion Show San - Pygmalion Show