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Paris: Okuda & Remed “Temples et Ames”

Okuda & Remed

ADDA & SARTO Gallery in Paris is currently showing a duo exhibition with artists OKUDA and REMED titled ‘ Temples et Ames’.

One is from Lille in France, the other from Santander in Spain. Madrid adopted them both and they each developed in their own way a very particular style of urban art. On one side the poetry of REMED, on the other side the inexhaustible energy of OKUDA, both playing with sunny colours inspired by the Spanish sun.

OKUDA SAN MIGUEL and REMED worked together for the first time in 2011 on two canvases, linking their styles within their work. In 2012, under the direction of Anna Dimitrova, they began a long serie of collaborations together that took them to more than 20 countries around the world. From Moscow to Miami via Oslo, Madrid, Mexico… These are the cities that inspire them and where they accumulate life experiences closely linked to their creations. They are multidisciplinary artists: from walls to giant sculptures, canvases, boats…

A real synergy has been developing between them and their work. Evolving through the years, their creativity gave birth to a third artist.

Okuda & Remed

While they both continue their path with exhibitions around the world and notable mural interventions, their strong creative connection remains present.

“Temples and Souls” showcases just how contemporary their work is, far from their debut on the streets

Okuda San Miguel & Remed collaborative pieces

Okuda & RemedOkuda & Remed
Okuda & Remed

Okuda San Miguel

Okuda  invites the viewer into a psychedelic vortex of colours and geometric patterns.
In his work, rainbow geometric architectures blend with organic shapes, bodies without identity, headless animals and symbols. His works often raise questions about existentialism, the universe, the infinite, the meaning of life, and the contradictions of the false freedom of capitalism, showing a conflict between modernity and our roots.

Okuda & Remed
Okuda & RemedOkuda & Remed


Remed works harmoniously with geometry and calligraphy, developing a universal language of shapes and colors. Playing with the visible and invisible, figurative and abstract, he makes his figures disappear within vivid colours and flat patterns. He also loves playing words and created several typographies His artworks tell intricate stories and poems on the significance of life and love.

Okuda & RemedOkuda & RemedOkuda & RemedOkuda & Remed
Okuda & RemedOkuda & Remed
Okuda & Remed

View the full set of pics here

Okuda san Miguel & Remed ‘Temples et Ames’
Adda & Sarto Gallery
35 Avenue Matignon
Until End December 2019



Paris: Okuda – The Dream of Mona Lisa

Okuda - The dream of Mona Lisa

Anna Dimitrova from Adda Gallery and Montana Gallery and Valériane Mondot from Taxie Gallery join forces to celebrate a collaborative new gallery ADDA & TAXIE and present a monographic and the first Parisian exhibition of Spanish artist OKUDA SAN MIGUEL called ‘The Dream of Mona Lisa’.

Inspired by the city of Paris, according to Okuda, the enigmatic Mona Lisa dreams of human figures and muses of the great classic masters. Being a creator and contemporary master, Okuda interprets these icons through his own surrealist prism using intense psychedelic colors and geometric harmonies.

Blending rainbow geometric landscapes with organic shapes, headless animals, figures, and personal iconography, his works produces mental stimulation and visually pleasing content. The artist continuously tries to balance the gray scale with his vibrant palette, using colors as a symbol of life and nature and the latter as a symbol of cement, death, dust and the material of classic sculptures.

In his latest series, Okuda San Miguel expresses his own vision of what the human being is made of. Humans are confronted with their roots, between its natural and ideal part, represented by trees and different types of animals and the capitalist society, represented by bricks. Showing us the world where human beings and animals are created equal, the artist distils his own personal vision of God. This conceptual research is the result of his journeys and continuous contact with different environments. The artist sums up the contradictions between existentialism, universe, infinite, freedom, modernity and the meaning of life as an inextinguishable thirst.

Okuda - The dream of Mona LisaOkuda - The dream of Mona LisaOkuda - The dream of Mona Lisa
Okuda - The dream of Mona LisaOkuda - The dream of Mona Lisa
Okuda - The dream of Mona LisaOkuda - The dream of Mona LisaOkuda - The dream of Mona LisaOkuda - The dream of Mona Lisa
Okuda - The dream of Mona Lisa
Okuda - The dream of Mona Lisa

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In parallel Okuda painted a monumental portrait of Mona Lisa in the 13th District of Paris (covered here)

Okuda -The Dream of Mona lisa
Adda & Taxie Gallerie
Until 29 August
35 Avenue Matignon, Paris

Malaga: Remed & Okuda at MAUS 2015

MAUS - Malaga 2015

For the second edition of the MAUS festival in Malaga  (Malaga Arte Urbane en el Soho) curated by Fer Francés, many international artists have been invited to paint in the Soho district and along the Guadalmedina river.
Remed and Okuda painted a 30 meters high Venus on the facade of the Hotel Bahia Malaga, mixing their signature colourful style.

The mural is entitled ‘La Danse de Venus et du Marin’.

MAUS - Malaga 2015      MAUS - Malaga 2015MAUS - Malaga 2015

Along the river each of the artists also created further artworks, both typographic as well as figurative.

MAUS - Malaga 2015
MAUS - Malaga 2015MAUS - Malaga 2015

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Stay tuned for more pics from the MAUS Festival 2015 in Malaga!

London Streets: May Day Festivities

Remed & Okuda

With the long May Bank Holiday week end, a new royal baby and many international artists in town, there was a lot to celebrate in London.

On the Southbank with the Streets of Spain Festival organised by Campo Viejo for the third year ( see previous coverage here), Remed (FR) and Okuda (ES) created a new colourful artwork, while guests could customise their own bottle and enjoy Spanish delicacies.

Remed & Okuda
Remed & Okuda     Remed & Okuda

In the East End, LSD Magazine in-conjunction with the 1 Love Community Network organised a two-days graffiti jam with many artists including Waleska Nomura (BR), Cranio (BR), Jim Vision (UK) to name a few.

Waleska - Green House EffectCranio - Green House EffectGreen House Effect

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London: Remed & Okuda

Remed & Okuda 2014

For the second year Spanish based artists Remed & Okuda return to London Southbank to celebrate the Streets of Spain festival curated by Campo Viejo. Using their trademark multicolour symbolism both artists painted a glass box live for the delight of the onlookers.

Remed & Okuda 2014     Remed & Okuda 2014Remed & Okuda 2014     Remed & Okuda 2014Remed & Okuda 2014Remed & Okuda 2014Remed & Okuda 2014Remed & Okuda 2014Remed & Okuda 2014
Remed & Okuda 2014     Remed & Okuda 2014Remed & Okuda 2014

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