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Paris: Nick Walker TMA

Nick Walker - Paris

To close the loop on a year long project I have been following (covered here) British artist Nick Walker was in Paris for the release of the awaited TMA print, The Morning After, at the Opera Gallery.

Nearby luxury shop owners were shocked to discover people queuing, a first for French people and specially in the most prestigious district of Paris, at the corner of Place Vendome, home to Cartier. “What is going on,  shall we call the police?”.

Nick Walker - Paris

It was interesting to see the cultural differences, as some UK die hard fans crossed the Channel to sleep overnight in front of the gallery, while French people turned up later in the afternoon.

Nick Walker - Paris       Nick Walker - Paris     Nick Walker - Paris      Nick Walker - Paris     Nick Walker - Paris

While wandering in Paris, Nick Walker also stopped by to put a stencil featuring a new female vandal character, admiring red paint on her Lauboutins boots. In broad daylight and in front of bemused passer-by.

Nick Walker - Paris Nick Walker - Paris      Nick Walker - Paris Nick Walker - Paris

Full set of pics by Butterfly here