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London: David Shillinglaw – ‘ You are here’ @ Scream

David Shillinglaw

UK artist David Shillinglaw just opened a new solo exhibition entitled ‘You are here’ at Scream Gallery in London.

A large crowd gathered to see the recreation of the studio space of the artist like an exploration of his creative mind and enjoyed the new body of work on canvas, paper and wood, featuring symbols and typography with David Shillinglaw’s signature sunny colour palette.  Also brightening up the evening was performance artist Pandemonia present amongst the guests.

Talking about the show, David Shillinglaw mentions:  ‘Inspired by the relationship we all have with the ideas of being physically/geographically lost, and lost within our own imagination/spirituality. The overriding theme being that its ok to get lost, we all are from time to time, and in fact the process of getting lost goes hand in hand with discovery. We used to find short cuts, we used to draw maps. No we are all guilty of relying on sat-nav and following computer generated pins that lead us to where we want to go. While around us the environment (especially in the city/ especially in London) grow at an alarming rate. Add to that map millions of people, colliding and bumbling around, we are lost in a labyrinth we are convinced has been created for us.’

David Shillinglaw
David ShillinglawDavid ShillinglawDavid Shillinglaw   David Shillinglaw  David Shillinglaw
David ShillinglawDavid Shillinglaw     David ShillinglawDavid Shillinglaw David Shillinglaw David ShillinglawDavid Shillinglaw
David Shillinglaw     David ShillinglawDavid Shillinglaw

View the full set of pics here

David Shillinglaw – You are Here
27 Eastcastle Street
London W1W 8DH