Toulouse (FR): Da Mental Vaporz – Squatters

Da Mental Vaporz - Squatters

Back in summer 2011, while they were showing in Toulouse at the GHP Galerie, the Da Mental Vaporz crew couldn’t resist leaving their mark on an iconic building: the former Palais des Congres of Toulouse (exhibition center). Famous for its political corruption and dirty money, the place was being left abandoned following legal disputes and is currently being squatted by a small community of local residents.

During a week-end, all members of the crew Bom-K, Blo, Brusk, Dran, Gris1, ISO, Jaw, Kan, and Sowat revisited the building and gave it a second life. Featuring harmoniously their distinctive style, the prolific DMV crew created a skull headed giant with his heart on his sleeve.

Da Mental Vaporz - Squatters Da Mental Vaporz - Squatters Da Mental Vaporz - Squatters     Da Mental Vaporz - Squatters Da Mental Vaporz - Squatters

Eight months later, while France is being crippled by snow storms and presidential elections delirium, the Da Mental Vaporz have decided to head to sunny horizons down under, boarding their vessel “La Misericorde – Le Venin” with a pirate flag reminder of the  “Squatters”  face. Direction Melbourne, Australia…


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