Book Release: Street Art Today 2

Following the 2016 book release Street Art Today, we are pleased to have contributed again to a new version of the book entitled Street Art Today 2 with Björn Van Poucke and Elise Luong by Lannoo Publishers.

Street Art Today 2 gives an overview of the 50 most relevant artists now. Including the likes of Banksy, Shepard Fairey, JR, Okuda, MadC, Wasted Rita, Icy & Sot, Faith47, Axel Void, etc.

The book features introductionary essays, preface and interviews with a wealth of colourful images structuring the most relevant 50 artists in four sections: Abstract, Figurative, Realism and Urban Interventionism.

Artists who serve as an example of what street art is today and will be tomorrow. Over the last few years, we see street art festivals rising up around the world, companies hiring artists to paint billboards in the city and city councils attracting artists to gentrify neighbourhoods. The questions rises: ‘Is street art still street?’. Having escaped the underground scene in many instances, how has it evolved and what is its future?

Street Art Today 2
Product form: Hardback
Number of pages: 272
Dimensions: 280×220 mm
EAN: 9789401461597
Publisher: Lannoo