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London: Miaz Brothers @ Lazarides

Miaz Brothers - Dematerialized

Italian contemporary painters Miaz Brothers debuted their UK solo exhibition at Lazarides Rathbone titled Dematerialized: A New Contemporary Vision.

The show features a selection of large portrait paintings from their Antimatter series, utilizing the layering of spraypaint to create a special blurry effect. Looking close, the paintings look abstract, but from a distance, portraits are revealed. A selection of sculptures are also on display.

Miaz Brothers - Dematerialized     Miaz Brothers - DematerializedMiaz Brothers - DematerializedMiaz Brothers - Dematerialized     Miaz Brothers - DematerializedMiaz Brothers - Dematerialized  Miaz Brothers - Dematerialized   Miaz Brothers - DematerializedMiaz Brothers - Dematerialized

View the set of pics from the opening here

Miaz Brothers
Dematerialized: A New Contemporary Vision
Until 15 June 2014
Lazarides Rathbone


London: Brett Amory – Twenty Four @ Lazarides

Brett Amory

Continuing his ‘Waiting’ series, Californian contemporary artist Brett Amory presents Twenty-Four in London, at Lazarides Rathbone, featuring twenty-four paintings of London’s most iconic locations, from Kensington, Soho to Hackney and Brixton, alongside multimedia installations.

Portraying a localised arena including  a diverse demographic of the city dwellers from night clubbers, commuters, school children and traders on their daily routine, Brett Amory offers visitors a unique and an intimate snapshot of London through his own eyes.

Brett Amory     Brett Amory
Brett Amory Brett Amory     Brett AmoryBrett AmoryBrett Amory     Brett Amory

View all the pics from the opening here

Brett Amory – Twenty Four
Until 13th April 2014
Lazarides Rathbone
11 Rathbone Place, London W1T 1HR

London: Sage Vaughn – Nobodys Home

Sage Vaughn - Nobody's home

LA based artist Sage Vaughn is back to London for a solo exhibition called “Nobody’s home” at Lazarides Rathbone. The show features a series of paintings with collages of pastel coloured wildlife birds and butterflies in stale interiors. On one of the paintings, an MSK tatooed bird seats proudly outside his cage. Nobody’s Home challenges viewers to break free from routine acceptance of our domestic and public surroundings and look at the beauty of nature has to offer in this lifetime.

Sage Vaughn - Nobody's homeSage Vaughn - Nobody's home     Sage Vaughn - Nobody's homeSage Vaughn - Nobody's home Sage Vaughn - Nobody's home     Sage Vaughn - Nobody's homeSage Vaughn - Nobody's home     Sage Vaughn - Nobody's homeSage Vaughn - Nobody's homeSage Vaughn - Nobody's home

View the full set of pics from the opening here

Sage Vaughn – Nobody’s home
Lazarides Rathbone
Until 1 March 2014

London: BRUTAL off-site show @ Lazarides

Brutal - Lazarides

Following Bedlam (2012), The Minotaur (2011), Hell’s Half Acre (2010), Lazarides  and the Vinyl Factory are hosting their sixth adventurous off-site exhibition coinciding with Frieze Art Fair. In response to the theme BRUTAL nineteen artists are showcasing dynamic installations, murals, film, animation, sound and dance interventions in a  cavernous space below 180 The Strand, a massive 40,000 square foot building.  BRUTAL explores the brutality of the times we live in, how this is reflected in the objects around us and our perception of the world.

Antony Micallef, Ben Woodeson, James Lavelle, Katrin  Fridricks, DALeast, Karim Zeriahen, Brad Downey, Bill McRight, Conor Harrington, Cleon Peterson, Doug Foster, Estevan Oriol, Know Hope, Lucy McLauchlan, Mark Jenkins, Miaz Brothers, Pose, Sebastian Horsley, Todd James.

Brutal - Lazarides     Brutal - LazaridesBrutal - Lazarides Brutal - Lazarides     Brutal - Lazarides Brutal - Lazarides     Brutal - Lazarides  Brutal - Lazarides              Brutal - Lazarides     Brutal - Lazarides  Brutal - Lazarides  Brutal - Lazarides   Brutal - LazaridesBrutal - Green VIP Room     Brutal - Green VIP Room

View the full set of pics here

15 – 27 October 2013
180 Strand

London: JR – ACTIONS @ Lazarides Rathbone


After inviting Londoners to his Inside / Out photobooth truck (covered here), JR  opened his solo exhibition ACTIONS at Lazarides Rathbone yesterday. The work on display includes ACTIONS that the French photographer and street artist has worked on around the world like his Wrinkles of the City in Berlin earlier this year, his journey to North Korea, and his 2005 Portrait of a Generation project.

View the full set of pics of the opening here

JR – Actions
Until 14th Nov 2013
Lazarides Rathbone
11 Rathbone Place, London, W1T 1HR