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London: Watch this space @ Lazinc

Watch this space 19
Remi Rough – Watch this space

Since November the ‘Watch This Space‘ project has transformed the Lazinc gallery in London into an open studio where over 25 artists share their processes and create site-specific works in front of the visitor’s eyes. Curated by Magda Danysz ,this ephemeral project is being played out over both floors of the gallery. The phrase ‘watch this space’ denotes a period of transition and impermanence, and reflects Lazinc’s own phase of transformation.

This ongoing project showcases the creative processes of a diverse range of artists all entering into a unique dialogue with one another.

Featured Artists include 1010 (Poland), Andre (France) Tarek Benaoum (Lebanon), Craig Costello (USA), Faith XLVII (SA), Icy & Sot (Iran), Jan Kalab (Czech Republic), Dan Lam (Vietnam), Ludo (France),Miaz Brothers (Spain), Charles Petillon (France), Sebastien Preschoux (France),Remi Rough (UK), Okuda San Miguel (Spain), Alex Senna (Brazil), Gary Stranger (UK), Slinkachu (UK), Jan Vormann (The Netherlands), Vhils (Portugal), Nick Walker (UK),YZ (France)

Watch this space 04Watch this space 12Watch this space 06Watch this space 16Watch this space 14Watch this space 15
Watch this space 11Watch this space 02
Watch this space 03Watch this space 10Watch this space 21Watch this space 22

By creating new works live in the gallery, the artists highlight the ephemeral nature of contemporary life.

View the full set of pics here

On view until 7 March 2020

Watch this space
Lazinc Gallery
Sacksville, London


London : el Seed – Tabula Rasa

el seed 01

Tunisian-French contemporary artist, eL Seed has just opened his first UK exhibition entitled Tabula Rasa at Lazinc in London. We documented his previous visit to the UK capital in 2015 ( see here), where he painted a mural with this signature style: an adaptation of traditional Arabic calligraphy.

El Seed - London

Within his intricate compositions, el Seed emphasises the curves and loops of the script removing a layer of legilibility and adding mystery to the meaning behind the words he chooses.

eL Seed commented: “I truly believe that art is a way to open dialogue. I like to think that my artwork can cut through the boundaries that we place between ourselves; whether physical, cultural or linguistic. My exhibition at Lazinc represents a new style of painting, where I am attempting to break down my thought process into layers. It also asks the audience to question the way they think and how much they have been affected by assumption or misconception.”

el seed 03

For this exhibition, the artist has developed on his process, stripping down the works, in an effort to access his own ‘tabula rasa’.
The concept of ‘tabula rasa’, pioneered by 17th Century philosopher, John Locke, argues that at birth the human mind is a complete, but receptive blank slate, upon which experience imprints knowledge. In relation to his canvases, eL Seed has taken the idea of the tabula rasa as a starting point, with the aim to alter deep-seated preconceptions that are commonly held about the Arabic script and culture.

el seed 02

In contrast to eL Seed’s usually polished and perfected canvases, the works at Lazinc appear with an unfinished aesthetic. The surface calligraphy is ripped and torn to reveal phrases and imagery below, which materialise slowly and differently with each viewing.
The layering of words and ideas offer an insight into the thought process of the artist.

el seed 07el seed 08el seed 05el seed 10el seed 09
el seed 06

Guests are invited to reconsider all that they previously thought about Arabic and immerse themselves in the calligraphic experience.

el seed 12

View the full set of pics here

elSeed – Tabula Rasa
Until 9 march 2019
Lazinc Sacksville
29 Sackville Street
London W1S 3DX

London: Mark Jenkins – BRD SHT

Mark Jenkins- BRD SHT

American artist Mark Jenkins returns to London for his third solo exhibition with Lazinc Gallery.
The show follows Jenkins’ success of his recent art installation, Project84, atop of London’s ITV building, raising awareness of male suicide.

Together with his collaborator, Sandra Fernandez, Mark Jenkins creates sculptural street installations that take the form of life-sized bodies, often interacting with the surrounding environment.
The physical casting process ordinarily uses either Mark or Sandra’s own bodies, essentially cloning themselves out of many layers of sellotape to create dark humoured and often sinister sculptures and place them within the public space. The work is intended to explore the conventional process in which we experience and view artwork and the pedestrian boundaries between art and life.

“BRD SHT, the show’s title, nods to a license plate in the film Brewster McCloud. In the film, it was a murderous substance and while I understand here in the UK it’s good luck, for me I’ve always thought about the frequency birds do it as a condition for reducing weight to allow flight. It’s a useful metaphor to understand that our own ability to sustain flight mentally is a matter of reducing our own emotional baggage, or shit if you will.” – Mark Jenkins

The exhibition features nine sculptures, three canvases and works on paper, as well as an installation on the gallery front of a fisherman figure hanging from the balcony.

Mark Jenkins- BRD SHTMark Jenkins- BRD SHT
Mark Jenkins- BRD SHTMark Jenkins- BRD SHTMark Jenkins- BRD SHT
Mark Jenkins- BRD SHT
Mark Jenkins- BRD SHTMark Jenkins- BRD SHT
Mark Jenkins- BRD SHT
Mark Jenkins- BRD SHTMark Jenkins- BRD SHTMark Jenkins- BRD SHTMark Jenkins- BRD SHTMark Jenkins- BRD SHT

View the full set of pics here

Mark Jenkins – BRD SHT
Until 30 June 2018
Lazinc Sackville

London: Miaz Brothers ‘Anonymous’ at Lazinc Sacksville

Miaz Brothers - Anonymous

Italian duo the Miaz Brothers return to Lazinc Sacksville for their third exhibition; Anonymous, continuing their Antimatter Series.

The show explores the concepts of anonymity and the metaphor of status in our existence. While both bodies of work portray beings, symbolic of a crosssection of society that scales class, location and time, the sixteen portraits for this new exhibition aims to present some transcendent answers for our present existence.
The artists’ work intentionally looks to the future and embodies that which is yet to come, which today remains indefinable.

Miaz Brothers - Anonymous

Using acrylic paint, the Miaz Brothers create enigmatic out of focus portraits, prompting the viewer to look beyond the line and to use both their own perception and imagination. Instead of explaining the meaning the meaning of their work, the artists encourage the viewer to develop their own relationship with the paintings.

Miaz Brothers - Anonymous

“It is an exercise for the inner spirit; a flexible experience of stretching the awareness of what we see and perceive; a stimulation for the consciousness and the limits of our idea of the world and its symbols. We are trying to force the viewer to interact with the image and to do so in a sensitive effort by filtering it through the perception and the process of identification to achieve something not fixed or limited but which is boundless and personal.” —The Miaz Brothers, 2018

Miaz Brothers - AnonymousMiaz Brothers - AnonymousMiaz Brothers - Anonymous
Miaz Brothers - AnonymousMiaz Brothers - AnonymousMiaz Brothers - Anonymous
Miaz Brothers - AnonymousMiaz Brothers - Anonymous
Miaz Brothers - Anonymous

View the full set of pics here

Miaz Brothers – Anonymous
Until 21 April 2018
Lazinc Sacksville
29 Sackville Street
London W1S 3DX

London: JR ‘Giants’ at Lazinc Sacksville

JR Giants

Ted Prize winner artist JR is currently displaying a solo exhibition titled “GIANTS” at Lazinc’s new flagship gallery in Mayfair, London.

The name of the presentation directly references the artist’s ongoing GIANTS project which made its debut during the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, where he created enormous black and white prints of athletes jumping over Rio’s buildings, swimming in its ocean, and diving off its mountains like Greek titans. .

Even if pictures of the installations in situ might look good, it’s very difficult to recapture their impact.   So to give some sense of the scale of the project in the gallery space settings, the viewer has to walk underneath the massive paper head and shoulders of Sudanese high jumper Mohamed Younes Idriss, fixed to scaffolding, just to get in. 

At the same time, visitors can discover the artist’s process from start to finish with behind the scenes items like architectural plans that were created to support his large-scale installations, installation permits collaged into 3D-printed digital reliefs of the final images, and look at the artist’s digital photography techniques.

JR GiantsJR Giants
JR GiantsJR GiantsJR Giants
JR GiantsJR Giants
JR GiantsJR Giants
JR GiantsJR Giants
View the full set of pics here

JR – Giants
Until 28 February 2018
Lazinc Sackville
29 Sackville St.
Mayfair, London W1S 3DX
United Kingdom