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Video: Nuart Festival 2014 Recap

Hypebeast did a nice video recap of the Nuart Festival 2014 in Norway (covered here) with founder Martyn Reed and the participating artists.

NuArt Festival: Street Art and Activism


With the growing rise of Muralism, it was a breath of fresh air to see activist artists pursuing their actions, whether through interventions in the streets of Stavanger or through the heated debates at NuArt Plus.
±MAISMENOS± (PT) played with letters to highlight political and media issues: Norway becomes No Way, the Medium is the Mess Age, while SPY (ES) uses blacklight to show T error.


Icy & Sot (IR) stencils depicted images of war, peace and society issues.

Icy & Sot - NuArt  Icy & Sot - NuArt   Icy & Sot - NuArtIcy & Sot - NuArt

The floating rocks from Andreco (IT) paid tribute to nature and ecology, while Levalet (FR) created installations with reference to the oil issue.

Andreco - NuArt   Levalet - NuArt   Levalet - NuArt  Levalet - NuArt Levalet - NuArt

Media is also a hot topic for activist artists like John Felkner (US), and Fra.Biancoshock (IT) provocative piece on social media definitively generated a multitude of reactions, while the Facebook wall from Mathieu Tremblin (FR) in a tunnel of Stavanger invited the public to interact.

John Felkner - NuArt John Felkner - NuArt   Fra.Biancoshock - NuArt  MAISMENOS - NuArtMathieu Tremblin - NuArt

View the full set of pics here

 NUART 2014
September 7-October 12
Tou Scene (Kvitsøygaten 25, 4012 Stavanger, Norway


Norway: NuArt International Street Art Festival

NuArt International Street Art Festival based in Stavanger is due to open on 6 September. Founder and Director Martyn Reed and his team have been running the non for profit festival since 2005, and it has grown into one of the leading global art festival, showcasing pioneers and emerging talents within the street art scene.

From the first week of September an invited international team of street artists will start to leave their mark on the city’s walls, both indoor and out, including: Andreco (IT), Borondo (ES), Dotdotdot (NO), Etam Cru (PL), Fra.Biancoshock (IT), Icy & Sot (IR), John Fekner (US), Leval (FR), M-City (PL), Martin Whatson (NO), Mathieu Tremblin (FR), SPY (ES), Strøk (NO), Tilt (FR), ± Maismenos ± (PT).

In parallel NuArt Plus series will host a series of workshops, panel discussions and film screenings.

For the full programme check here

NuArt International Street Festival
Opening weekend 4 — 7 September 2014
Nuart Plus talks, debates, film screenings and tours , 4th-6th Sept.
The Nuart exhibition opens on Saturday 6th September at 7pm.