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Artist Focus: Icy & Sot (IR)

Icy & Sot - Crystal Ship

During this period of lockdown, we look through the artistic journey of Iranian brothers  Icy & Sot and their recent show ‘Fences Faces’ at Magda Gallery in Paris.

Iranian refugees now living in New York, they started their practice using stencils to highlight political and social messages. We first met them in Norway in 2014 for Nuart (covered) and again in 2015 in Berlin for Urban Nation (covered here).

Icy & Sot - NuArtIcy & Sot - NuArt
Icy & Sot - NuArtUrban Nation PM7 - Icy & Sot
Icy Sot 18

For the past four years the brothers have detached themselves from stencils and moved on to experimenting with new materials which helped them sharpen and strengthen their political and social messages.

They created sculptures like the refugee boat in Dresden (Magic City 2017) or in-situ installations made of iron and barbed wire in Berlin (Urban Nation 2017), Ostend (Crystal Ship 2018), or London (Watch this space 2019) which we were fortunate to witness.

Magic City - DresdenIcy Sot - Urban Nation 2017 - 04Icy Sot - Urban Nation 2017 - 02
Icy Sot - Urban Nation 2017 - 03Icy Sot - Urban Nation 2017
Icy Sot - London 2019

While exploring new techniques and tools, they have continued questioning and reflect on immigration, borders, refugees, social issues, women rights, freedom and capitalism.

The result is a new body of work presented earlier this year at ‘Fences Faces’ , their first solo in Paris at Magda Gallery.

The show features sculptural installations using raw material like barbed wire, iron wire, old rusty shovels or oil cans, new paintings created with a self- made cut-out steel tool, as well as photographs of previous ephemeral installations they built in different countries.

Icy & Sot 24
Icy & Sot 23Icy & Sot 22Icy & Sot 30

Through their unique visual language, they are delivering powerful, moving universal statements on the human condition, with poetry and fragility, while letting the door open to hope and dreams.

Icy & Sot 21
Icy & Sot

View the full set of pics here

Icy & Sot – Fences Faces
Magda Gallery


NuArt Festival: Street Art and Activism


With the growing rise of Muralism, it was a breath of fresh air to see activist artists pursuing their actions, whether through interventions in the streets of Stavanger or through the heated debates at NuArt Plus.
±MAISMENOS± (PT) played with letters to highlight political and media issues: Norway becomes No Way, the Medium is the Mess Age, while SPY (ES) uses blacklight to show T error.


Icy & Sot (IR) stencils depicted images of war, peace and society issues.

Icy & Sot - NuArt  Icy & Sot - NuArt   Icy & Sot - NuArtIcy & Sot - NuArt

The floating rocks from Andreco (IT) paid tribute to nature and ecology, while Levalet (FR) created installations with reference to the oil issue.

Andreco - NuArt   Levalet - NuArt   Levalet - NuArt  Levalet - NuArt Levalet - NuArt

Media is also a hot topic for activist artists like John Felkner (US), and Fra.Biancoshock (IT) provocative piece on social media definitively generated a multitude of reactions, while the Facebook wall from Mathieu Tremblin (FR) in a tunnel of Stavanger invited the public to interact.

John Felkner - NuArt John Felkner - NuArt   Fra.Biancoshock - NuArt  MAISMENOS - NuArtMathieu Tremblin - NuArt

View the full set of pics here

 NUART 2014
September 7-October 12
Tou Scene (Kvitsøygaten 25, 4012 Stavanger, Norway