NuArt Festival: Street Art and Activism


With the growing rise of Muralism, it was a breath of fresh air to see activist artists pursuing their actions, whether through interventions in the streets of Stavanger or through the heated debates at NuArt Plus.
±MAISMENOS± (PT) played with letters to highlight political and media issues: Norway becomes No Way, the Medium is the Mess Age, while SPY (ES) uses blacklight to show T error.


Icy & Sot (IR) stencils depicted images of war, peace and society issues.

Icy & Sot - NuArt  Icy & Sot - NuArt   Icy & Sot - NuArtIcy & Sot - NuArt

The floating rocks from Andreco (IT) paid tribute to nature and ecology, while Levalet (FR) created installations with reference to the oil issue.

Andreco - NuArt   Levalet - NuArt   Levalet - NuArt  Levalet - NuArt Levalet - NuArt

Media is also a hot topic for activist artists like John Felkner (US), and Fra.Biancoshock (IT) provocative piece on social media definitively generated a multitude of reactions, while the Facebook wall from Mathieu Tremblin (FR) in a tunnel of Stavanger invited the public to interact.

John Felkner - NuArt John Felkner - NuArt   Fra.Biancoshock - NuArt  MAISMENOS - NuArtMathieu Tremblin - NuArt

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 NUART 2014
September 7-October 12
Tou Scene (Kvitsøygaten 25, 4012 Stavanger, Norway


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