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Toulouse: Rose Beton Biennale Part II

We continue our coverage of the Rose Beton Biennale in Toulouse ( check our previous report here). In parallel to the open air gallery, with street walls being painted throughout the city, the Museum of contemporary art, Les Abattoirs is hosting an exhibition featuring three international artists: Tania Mouraud, Todd James and Cleon Peterson.

Patron of the Biennale,  Tania Mouraud (b.1942) is a French multidisciplinary artist whose practice has been deployed since the late 1960s through paintings, installations, performances and videos. Her distinctive calligraphic style  is highlighted by seven kakemonos from the series Mots-Mêlés  surrounded by a large mural ‘Only the sound remains’, playing between letters, barcodes and graphic design.

Los Angeles based artist Cleon Peterson (b. 1973) painted a monumental and dystopic mural. Using a restricted colour palette, Cleon Peterson depicts a violent and chaotic world, inspired by mythological tales, historical facts as well as the current reality of our world.

New York based graffiti artist Todd James (b. 1969) showcases a series of fierce and acidulous paintings. Inspired by pop culture and action painting, his sexy curvaceous blonde character is playful, and grin in the face of machines and destruction.

Pictures by Prune Mahe for Butterfly Art News

Rose Beton – Les Abattoirs
Until 5 January 2020


Toulouse: Rose Beton Biennale 2019

Rose Beton 2019 - MOMO

The third edition of The ROSE BETON FESTIVAL becomes a biennale dedicated to urban practices and cultures in Toulouse. National and international artists continue to  invade the Pink City walls and cultural venues.

Back in  2016 legendary graffiti artist FUTURA painted a train carriage in the courtyard of the Museum of Contemporary Art of Toulouse, Les Abattoirs ( see our coverage here ).

The 2019 edition, co-curated by TILT and Nicolas Couturieux, pursues the expansion of the ‘open air gallery’ with outside walls painted by RERO , MOMO, JEROEN EROSIE, MADEMOISELLE KAT, MOSES AND TAP, HENSE as well as installations by MARK JENKINS.

Rose Beton 2019 - MOMORose Beton 2019 - HENSERose Beton 2019 - HENSEHENSE

Rose Beton 2019 - EROSIE

Rose Beton 2019 - RERO

Rose Beton 2019 - MLE KAT
Mademoiselle Kat

Installation by Mark Jenkins © Benjamin Roudet

The second part of the Rose Beton Biennale will kick start on  26 September with an exhibition featuring works and installations from TANIA MOURAUD, TODD JAMES and CLEON PETERSON inside The Abattoirs, Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art.

Art Paris Art Fair 2018
Tania Mouraud Guest of honour of the Rose Beton Biennale

Cleon Peterson - Victory
Cleon Peterson

Todd James - Fantasy Island
Todd James

Many events, mediation, tours, workshops, and conferences are scheduled throughout the Rose Beton Biennale. For full programme, please visit the website

Photos © Butterfly Art News unless otherwise stated

26 September 2019 – January 5, 2020
Les Abbatoirs
76 allées Charles-de-Fitte
31300 Toulouse


Toulouse: Miss Van for Rose Beton

Rose Beton Festival - Toulouse

Miss Van is back to Toulouse with a new mural for the Rose Beton Festival (covered here).

‘La symphonie des songes’ mural  features her signature sensual female character in a dreamlike landscape playing with colourful folklore masks from various continents, transporting us from China to Latin America.

Rose Beton Festival - ToulouseRose Beton Festival - Toulouse_DSC0560_edited-1Miss Van-1-99 v1  Miss Van-1-29 v1   Miss Van-1-81 v1_DSC0436v2_edited-1Rose Beton Festival - Toulouse     Rose Beton Festival - Toulouse
Rose Beton Festival - Toulouse     Rose Beton Festival - ToulouseRose Beton Festival - ToulouseRose Beton Festival - ToulouseRose Beton Festival - Toulouse     Rose Beton Festival - ToulouseMiss Van-1-105 v1Rose Beton Festival - Toulouse_DSC0707_edited-1

If you are in Toulouse, you can view it on 5 rue du Pont de Tounis

Photo credit: ButterflyBenjamin BigAddict Roudet and @juliemorize 

View the full set of pics of the festival here

Until end of August 2016


Toulouse: Ben Eine for Rose Beton

Rose Beton Festival - Toulouse

UK artist Ben Eine recently created a new mural with his signature font on one of the walls of the Universite Paul Sabatier in Toulouse for the Rose Beton Festival. The colourful mural stating ‘STORYTELLING’  is already the favorite amongst the students.

Check the pics of the work in progress.

Rose Beton Festival - Toulouse Rose Beton Festival - Toulouse     Rose Beton Festival - ToulouseRose Beton Festival - Toulouse

View the full set of pics here

Until 28 August 2016

Toulouse: POES and JO BER for Rose Beton

Rose Beton Festival - Toulouse

French artists POES and JO BER just completd this new mural for the ROSE BETON Festival in Toulouse, Southern France. They continue their collaboration like they recently did in Marrakech (covered) with a playful storyline about the Epic of Gilgamesh and his perilous journey to discover the secret of eternal life.

Rose Beton Festival - Toulouse
Rose Beton Festival - Toulouse    Rose Beton Festival - Toulouse   Rose Beton Festival - Toulouse     Rose Beton Festival - ToulouseRose Beton Festival - Toulouse
Rose Beton Festival - Toulouse

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