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Paris: Invader PA_1266

Space Invader - Paris 2017

In parallel to his current show ‘Hello My Game is’ at Musee en Herbe (covered) , French artist Space Invader is back to the streets of Paris with a new large mosaic featuring a self portrait in action, masked and running away with a ladder after putting up a framed invader in a starry night. For all Flash Invader addicts it is PA_1266.

Space Invader - Paris 2017 Space Invader - Paris 2017Space Invader - Paris 2017

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Hello my game is… will run until 3rd September at Musee en Herbe, 23 rue de l’Arbre-Sec, 75001 Paris.


Video: ART4SPACE with Space Invader

Back in 2012, prolific Parisian artist who has ‘Invaded’ cities around the world took over a new territory by sending a piece into the stratosphere, becoming the first artist to send an artistic creation this far above the earth’s surface.

While preparing his exhibition for the Pulse art fair with Jonathan LeVine Gallery in Miami the artist-activist took advantage of his proximity to the Space Coast, making his first space foray, a project he had long been planning.

On August 20, 2012, the mosaic Space One flew aboard a special device designed by the artist who adapted advanced technologies with his own resources. Equipped with a camera, the weather balloon crossed terrestrial atmospheres for a short stay in space before returning, bringing the premier astronautic work back to Earth along with a series of photographic images showing the mosaic work’s perspective distance from space.

Along the Florida coast adjacent to the NASA launch pad, the mosaic One Space blasted off in August 2012 into the stratosphere, thus becoming the first artwork from Invader to travel in space. The ART4SPACE film documents this eponymous project as the artist invites us to follow him through this artistic expedition and embark into the galaxy.


The documentary movie ART4SPACE was screened only in selected locations like Miami, New York or London up to now.

On his instagram account @Invaderwashere the street artist has finally released the full ART4SPACE movie online via his Youtube channel both in French and English versions



A year after the launch of SPACE1, Invader continues to conquer space, this time with the help of the European Space Agency (ESA). On July 2014, a new mosaic SPACE2 took off with Ariane 5 towards the International Space Station (ISS). It floated aboard ISS for several months until the arrival of astronaut Samantha Cristoferetti who on arch 2015 installed it inside the Columbus Module.


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Streets: Invader Pink Invasion (Toulouse)

Space Invader Toulouse - TL_03

Invader recently completed his first invasion wave of Toulouse, with Ten space invaders made with various shades of pink as a tribute to the town nicknamed ‘Pink City’ due to the pinkish terracotta bricks used in its architecture.. Toulouse is the 66th city to be invaded and Flash Invaders game lovers will add 330 Points to their total score. Happy hunting !

Photo courtesy of Invader

Space Invader Toulouse - TL_03

Space Invader Toulouse - TL_04

Space Invader Toulouse - TL_05

Space Invader Toulouse - TL_06

Space Invader Toulouse - TL_08

Space Invader Toulouse - TL_09

Space Invader Toulouse - TL_10

London: Space Invader – Wave 18

Invader LDN 2016

French artist Space Invader has just returned to London since 2013 for a 18th wave of invasion. As part of an art commission for the London Games Festival organised by Film London, 12 new artworks have appeared on iconic buildings and streets.

As always location is key, and to celebrate spring, brand new CCTV flowers have popped up across the city, including a union jack one next to the British Film Institute surrounded by four other video cameras .

London Invasion 2016 - Wave 18
London Invasion 2016 - Wave 18

A pixelated cheeky prince with crown and 3D glasses is flying high above the Prince Charles Cinema in the West End , while the Arts Building in Finsbury Park is adorned with a paint brush waiving invader mosaic.

London Invasion 2016 - Wave 18 London Invasion 2016 - Wave 18London Invasion 2016 - Wave 18

Wandering through the Museum of London, visitors can enjoy two new invaders with bowler hats and umbrellas watching each other.

London Invasion 2016 - Wave 18

And before looking for the remaining invaders, enjoy a cup of tea in Shoreditch…

London Invasion 2016 - Wave 18 London Invasion 2016 - Wave 18London Invasion 2016 - Wave 18London Invasion 2016 - Wave 18

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Paris Streets: Invader ‘Picasso’

Space Invader - Picasso

During the summer Space Invader put up a new piece featuring a large pixelated portrait of Pablo Picasso. As always, placement is key, and it can be seen close to the Musee Picasso in Paris.

The artist’s instagram account also features the piece being created.