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Celebration of Female Artists

Swoon - Nuit Blanche Paris 14

We would like to celebrate our favorite female artists worldwide, who are pushing boundaries in graffiti /street art as well as contemporary art. The list is unlimited so we are sending much love and support to ALL the female artists.

Keep doing what you are doing!

Aida Wilde

Barbara Kruger - Forever

Aya Takano

The Art of Politics

Chiharu Shiota

Faith47 - London



Aiko -Unstoppable Waves

Marrakech Biennale MB6 Street Art


Rose Beton Festival - Toulouse


Olek - London

MIMA - Swoon

Tara McPherson

Yayoi Kusama


London: Save Yourselves @ Stour Space

Save Yourselves

For at least a decade, the urban art landscape of the East London area called Hackney Wick has shaped and developed the aesthetic of this unique pocket of London. Many of these artists have gone on to become some of the most prolific street artists of our time. As most buildings are doomed for demolition, subsequently so is the rich heritage of urban art in East London. Is there now anything left to Save, apart from ourselves?

Save Yourselves

Save Yourselves celebrates the art and the artists who have personal and emotional connections to the area. From 14th  October at Stour Space, curator artist Aida Wilde is gathering once again the ‘Lunatics’ from the recent takeover of the Lord Napier pub (Hackney Wicked 2016), bringing you an immersive, visual and historical experience.

By sharing personal photos and archival images and footage, the local people of The Wick, Hackney WickED and Save Hackney Wick have contributed to an extraordinary and emotional insight into this unique community past and present.

Save Yourselves

Exhibiting along with the ‘Lunatics’ will be the launch of the printed posters of Sisters In Print,  a collective of opinionated sixteen national and international female artists, sharing  the love of print and print making. The prints produced for the show are all printed in Aida’s studio in the heart of Hackney Wick.

Save YourselvesSave Yourselves

An installation recreates the Lord Napier’s Pub with collaborative messages about gentrification of Hackney Wick from ‘Shithouse to Penthouse’ and features a Sweet Toof real estate agent promoting the area as ‘Urban and Edgy’.

Save Yourselves highlights the wealth and diversity of creative talents of East London, sadly pushed away by real estate speculation.  A immersive show not to be missed !

Save Yourselves     Save Yourselves Save Yourselves


MOBSTR, Donk, Zombie Squeegee, Static, Fatherless, Edwin, Mighty Mo, Sweet Toof, Dscreet, Unga, Deso, Malarko, Float, DONE, Gregg Abbott (The Hidden Print), Vesna Parchet, Teddy Baden, John Atherton, Hin, Sony, Darren John, RUN, Ronzo, Rowdy, Neoh, David O’Shaughnessy, Cristina Lina, Brenda Goodchild, Helen Ashton, Jo Hicks, Anna Chilton, Xenz, Busk, Fifth Wall TV, Rosa Romeo, Felicity Taylor, Gina Pellicci, Juliette Stuart, Allie Li, Ego. A. Sowinski, Pang, Tek33, ODC & Nudo de Víboras.

Save Yourselves     Save Yourselves
Save YourselvesSave YourselvesSave Yourselves     Save YourselvesSave Yourselves  Save YourselvesSave YourselvesSave Yourselves Save Yourselves  Save Yourselves   Save Yourselves Save Yourselves

View the full set of pics here

Save Yourselves
Curated by Aida Wilde

Until 31 October 2016
Stour Space, 7 Roach Road,
Hackney Wick, London, E3 2PA

Enquiries: coby@stourspace.co.uk

London: Empowered Printwork @ Women Art Library

Empowered Printwork - Women Art Library

After completing a residency at the Women Art Library in Goldsmiths in conjunction with the Being Human Festival, street artist and printmaker Aida and artist friend and archivist Ego Ahaiwe Sowinski are presenting an exhibition titled Empowered Printwork.

Being Human Festival is a festival demonstrating the strength and diversity of the humanities, and how they can help us to understand ourselves, our relationships with others, and the challenges we face in a changing world.

The Empowered Printwork  exhibition showcases newly created posters for Radical New Cross inspired by a collection of hundreds of posters from the women’s movements of the 1970s and 80s as well as a selection of posters from the Women Art Library archive about equality, freedom, solidarity, diversity and women rights.

Powerful and colourful posters feature slogans from ‘ Resist, Reject, Rethink’ to the infamous Aida’s Hashtag series ‘A hashtag might not save the world but… women might’ .

Empowered Printwork - Women Art Library  Empowered Printwork - Women Art Library   Empowered Printwork - Women Art Library Empowered Printwork - Women Art LibraryEmpowered Printwork - Women Art Library     Empowered Printwork - Women Art LibraryEmpowered Printwork - Women Art Library

Empowered Printwork
Women art Library
310 New Cross Rd,
SE14 6NW