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Celebration of Female Artists

Swoon - Nuit Blanche Paris 14

We would like to celebrate our favorite female artists worldwide, who are pushing boundaries in graffiti /street art as well as contemporary art. The list is unlimited so we are sending much love and support to ALL the female artists.

Keep doing what you are doing!

Aida Wilde

Barbara Kruger - Forever

Aya Takano

The Art of Politics

Chiharu Shiota

Faith47 - London



Aiko -Unstoppable Waves

Marrakech Biennale MB6 Street Art


Rose Beton Festival - Toulouse


Olek - London

MIMA - Swoon

Tara McPherson

Yayoi Kusama


London: Herakut – ‘Sad but Happy’ Solo Show

Herakut - Sad but Happy

After five years travelling and painting throughout the world , the German duo Herakut is returning to London for a new solo exhibition at Stolenspace entitled ‘Sad but Happy’.

Hera and Akut first came to London in 2010 when they painted their enigmatic character on the walls of the Moniker Art Fair, followed by a solo show in 2012.

Herakut at the Moniker Art Fair in 2010

The public discovered the magical energetic duo with their spraycans with Hera starting the figurative outlines and setting the rhythm like she’s dancing graciously while Akut focusses on photorealistic feature details like the eyes, conveying a myriad of emotions.

Additionally, the incorporation of poignant messages in their works creates a sense of wonder when observing their art. Specifically, their words take you into what seems to be the childlike, pure essence behind Herakut while delivering a punch to the imagery they provide.

What’s more, the recurrent theme of both animal imagery and hildren subjects transport us back to our childhood where innocent imaginary friends were an embraced accompaniment to our creative minds.

On the title for the show ‘Sad But Happy’, the duo stated; ‘It fits every single piece, we think, and fits our style in general. Ambivalence. Schizophrenia even. That’s us. That’s the essence of Herakut.’

Herakut - Sad but HappyHerakut - Sad but Happy
Herakut - Sad but HappyHerakut - Sad but Happy

This series of new works sees the duo progress with their distinctive and dark style. Depicting children and animals with large emotive eyes, they draw the viewer in to their mysteriously eerie world, making them contemplate the statements scribbled across the canvas and their relationship with the characters in the works.

Their dark use of colour contrasts with the bright and fast use of movement and brush work. Their style welcomes a kind of imperfect perfection, the brushstrokes seeming erratic and fluid but also so beautifully placed.

Herakut - Sad but Happy
Herakut - Sad but HappyHerakut - Sad but Happy

Their joint creative art process is about storytelling, the creation of imaginary worlds and inspiring their figures with individual characters:

The message on a canvas where two little girls with kitty masks hidden in a cardboard box says ‘She said lets go back to when all was perfect’,  while a portrait of a thoughtful little girl mentions ‘ Stop destroying my city says the dragon’.

Herakut - Sad but Happy
Herakut - Sad but HappyHerakut - Sad but Happy
Herakut - Sad but HappyHerakut - Sad but Happy
Herakut - Sad but HappyHerakut - Sad but Happy
Herakut - Sad but Happy

View the set of pics here

Herakut – Sad but Happy
Stolenspace Gallery
Until 1 October 2017
17 Osborn Street, London UK E1 6TD

Berlin: Urban Nation PM/7 – Part 2

Urban Nation PM7

In parallel to the windows and facade they decorated with their Persons of Interest (see here) 12 Brooklyn based artists were given carte blanche to decorate the walls of the Urban Nation Haus for a pop up show in Berlin, where nothing was for sale. Each of the participating artist including Icy & Sot, Don Rimx, Case, Specter, Swoon, NohJColey, Dain, Chris Stain, El Sol 25, Esteban Del Valle and Gaia used their own tools and techniques to create a colourful and ephemeral display directly onto the walls.

Here are some behind the scenes shots:

Urban Nation PM7 - Cake      Urban Nation PM7 - Don RimxUrban Nation PM7 - Cake   Urban Nation PM7 - Chris Stain   Urban Nation PM7 - DainUrban Nation PM7 - El Sol 25      Urban Nation PM7 - Esteban Del Valle Urban Nation PM7 - Icy & Sot   Urban Nation PM7 - Icy & Sot   Urban Nation PM7 - Esteban Del ValleUrban Nation PM7 -NohJColey      Urban Nation PM7 - Swoon

Large crowds attended the opening to celebrate the links between New York and Berlin. Amongst the guests was  Gaia‘s Persons of Interest Fereshta Ludin discussing with curators  Jaime Rojo and Steven P. Harrington

Urban Nation PM7

Many international artists and friends also joined in to  show their support: David Walker (UK),  Strøk (NO)REKA (AUS), Herakut (DE), MACCLAIM (DE), Vermibus (DE), Mark Rigney (UK), Aida Bragstarr (UK), Onur Dinc (CH), NeverCrew (CH), DotDotDot (NO), Schwarzmaler (CH) and Andreas Englund (SE).

Urban Nation PM7     Urban Nation PM7     Urban Nation PM7     Urban Nation PM7Urban Nation PM7       Urban Nation PM7Urban Nation PM7       Urban Nation PM7 Urban Nation PM7      Urban Nation PM7 Urban Nation PM7      Urban Nation PM7Urban Nation PM7      Urban Nation PM7Urban Nation PM7

View the full set of pics here  and full coverage on Street Art News

Persons of Interest PM/7
Bülowstraße 97
10738 Berlin-Schöneberg, Germany


London: Herakut – After the Laughter


German duo Herakut is back to London for the release of their new book titled ‘After the Laughter’ . To celebrate the launch they also produced a new series of work curated by Shea&Siegler.

Herakut  Herakut      HerakutHerakut

Featuring female figures wearing tight shiny catsuit with animal hats, sometimes a  horse, a cat, a wolf or squirrels, Herakut masters  spray paint to create hyperealist portraits. Looking closer, one can even see the artists reflection in the subject’s eyes.

Herakut  Herakut   Herakut      Herakut     Herakut

More pics from the opening here

Further info on the show and book at Shea&Siegler.

Herakut – After The Laughter
May 31st – June 10th 2012
The Gallery, 99 Mount Street, Mayfair, W1K 2TF London.
Curated by Shea & Ziegler in collaboration with Moniker Projects