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Da Mental Vaporz at Galore Festival 2011

The French graffiti crew Da Mental Vaporz painted this massive mural for the Galore Festival in Copenhagen. Featuring Bom.k, Blo, Brusk, Dran, Gris, Jaw, Kan and Sowat.

The mural is a satyrical reference to unscrupulous people who are willing to deface street art walls for profit. The DMV also incorporated a tribute to Kase 2 (RIP), as well as Copenhagen landmarks, including the infamous  Christiania market, where you can find anything.

Some action shots below. Click on an image to enlarge

Galore 2011 / DMV in Copenhagen, Denmark. Da Mental Vaporz @ Galore DK 
Da Mental Vaporz @ Galore DK  Da Mental Vaporz @ Galore DK  Da Mental Vaporz @ Galore DK
Da Mental Vaporz @ Galore DK Da Mental Vaporz @ Galore DK     Da Mental Vaporz @ Galore DK Da Mental Vaporz @ Galore DK   Da Mental Vaporz @ Galore DK

Galore Festival 2011


Copenhagen (DK): Galore Festival 2011

Galore 2011

Situated around the cultural area of Valby in Copenhagen, aka Toftegårds Plads and their surrounding culture houses KraftWerket and Valby Culture Centre, the Galore Festival is an uncensored, raw and wild exhibition celebrating several forms of art, from classic art, performance, live painting to sound installations and street art.

Galore 2011 Galore 2011 
Local graffiti artists and performance artists

ROA at the Galore Festival - DK
Roa (Belgium)

Part of the festival saw a 100 meters wall battle between international graffiti artists, which will be up for four months, featuring Da Mental Vaporz (FR), Dreyk The Pirate (GR), Erosie (NL), Graphic Surgery (NL), Grito (ES), Lints (DK), Ripo (US), Scie (IR).

Gallore 2011

Galore 2011
Da Mental Vaporz (France) – Blo, Bom.k, Brusk, Dran, Gris, Jaw, Kan, Sowat

Dreyk The Pirate (Greece)
Dreyk The Pirate (Greece)

Erosie - Graphic Surgery (NL)
Erosie / Graphic Surgery (Netherlands)

Grito (Spain)
Grito (Spain)

Lint (Denmark)
Lints (Denmark)

Ripo (US)
Ripo (USA)

Scie (Ireland)
Scie (Ireland)

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