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Lyon (FR): Venus II Exhibition

Venus II -Spacejunk

The Venus II art exhibition in Lyon aims to raise awareness about breast cancer.
The show is two folds.

The first part gathers a new generation of artists from contemporary art, Low Brow, graffiti or tattoo at Spacejunk gallery: Vinz, Goin, Lime, K’nar, Brusk, Herve All, Sophie Haza, Joachim Albert, Olivier Mosset, Florent Espana, Blandine Dubos, Bullit Ballabeni, Damien Nicolau, Rodolphe Bessey.

Each of them has created a work using the same support, a resin bust of the Venus de Milo.

Venus II - Spacejunk  Venus II - Spacejunk  Venus II - Spacejunk  Venus II - Spacejunk     Venus II - SpacejunkVenus II -Spacejunk

The other part is showcased in nine locations throughout the Lyon area. 80 artists and seven associative structures worked on plaster busts with the involvement of 140 local women.
On Tuesday 29 November all the artworks will be on view at the City Hall of Villeurbanne. The day will conclude with a charity auction with all proceeds going to Europa Donna, the European Breast Cancer Coalition.

More info on Spacejunk


Paris: FIAC Coverage

As seen on Arrested Motion.

FIAC 2011 Paris

Following the Frieze week in London (covered here),  I headed off to Paris to visit the FIAC, the Foire Internationale d’Art Contemporain in Paris at the Grand Palais, host to 168 galleries. While Frieze focuses exclusively on contemporary art, the FIAC also combines early 20th century modern art with the contemporary.

Of interest, Karl Lagerfeld designed the booth of Zurich’s Gallery Gmurzynska for the Rebels curated by Isabelle Bscher and featuring Jean-Michel Basquiat, Lucio Fontana, Yves Klein, Andy Warhol as well as Banksy and Scott Campbell. Also, sales were good as reported by Galerie Perrotin who sold a large-scale painting by Takashi Murakami titledAs The Interdimensional Waves Run Through Me, I Can Distinguish Between The Voices Of Angel And Devil! on the first day for over $2 million.

Some pictures from the FIAC:

FIAC 2011 Paris     FIAC 2011 ParisFIAC 2011 Paris  FIAC 2011 Paris  FIAC 2011 ParisFIAC 2011 Paris FIAC 2011 Paris  FIAC 2011 Paris  FIAC 2011 ParisFIAC 2011 Paris  FIAC 2011 Paris  FIAC 2011 Paris
FIAC 2011 ParisFIAC 2011 Paris

View the entire set of pics HERE

Copenhagen (DK): Galore Festival 2011

Galore 2011

Situated around the cultural area of Valby in Copenhagen, aka Toftegårds Plads and their surrounding culture houses KraftWerket and Valby Culture Centre, the Galore Festival is an uncensored, raw and wild exhibition celebrating several forms of art, from classic art, performance, live painting to sound installations and street art.

Galore 2011 Galore 2011 
Local graffiti artists and performance artists

ROA at the Galore Festival - DK
Roa (Belgium)

Part of the festival saw a 100 meters wall battle between international graffiti artists, which will be up for four months, featuring Da Mental Vaporz (FR), Dreyk The Pirate (GR), Erosie (NL), Graphic Surgery (NL), Grito (ES), Lints (DK), Ripo (US), Scie (IR).

Gallore 2011

Galore 2011
Da Mental Vaporz (France) – Blo, Bom.k, Brusk, Dran, Gris, Jaw, Kan, Sowat

Dreyk The Pirate (Greece)
Dreyk The Pirate (Greece)

Erosie - Graphic Surgery (NL)
Erosie / Graphic Surgery (Netherlands)

Grito (Spain)
Grito (Spain)

Lint (Denmark)
Lints (Denmark)

Ripo (US)
Ripo (USA)

Scie (Ireland)
Scie (Ireland)

More pics HERE

or info at Galore Festival